May 7, 2009

Post-Felafel Post

Why yes, I am beginning to have withdrawals from Felafel. To that end, enjoy some video:

Thanks as always to Squire Bedak for giving us the thumbs up to whack this little chunk up on YouTube. And I certainly hope the Rhino is satisfied with his onstage representation.

We had a fairly awesomely rockingly great cast party last Saturday night; or rather Sunday morning, as it was 1:30am by the time we finished bump-out and could high-tail it back to Chez Clumsy for port and cigars. I was also rather proud that we managed to attract our first ever noise complaint at the apartment (that's despite a fairly large number of improvisor-heavy Guitar Hero shindigs).

You can read a much funnier account than I ever could provide over at my cast member Jamie's blog. He and another young cast member Tom got bailed up on the street by two of Queensland's finest, while another pair toddled upstairs in order to get us to turn down the music. It was ironic because we'd been performing scenes of that nature for the past six weeks. We'd also just been singing (He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River by TISM, which was the play's theme song. Of course, we'd followed that up with F**k Her Gently by Tenacious D, and America - F**k Yeah! from "Team America: World Police", so the police really arrived at the optimum moment.
I've been flat out since the show ended; and could really do with sleeping until my name turns to Rip Van Clumsy. But tomorrow I'm off to Sydney with fellow improvisers Dave and Tom, to represent Queensland in the Theatresports National Championships on Saturday night. Wish me luck!


  1. Holy shit. Good luck!.

    Loved the show. I'll check out the blog.

  2. That's really odd...I got my first ever noise complaint the week before. Are they being less lax on loud parties these days?

  3. Loved it ... but, for the revival you really need to find a guy with bigger biceps.

  4. Good luck at the Enmore! If I wasn't otherwise booked I'd go along to that.

  5. Congrats on One Awesome Show Nat!
    And 'luck in Theatresports !

  6. Wow, that guy has massive guns. Didn't know the hulk was an actor. Totally wouldn't wanna f*** with him.