Jun 4, 2009

Capture & Disappearance

Around half past three this morning, having been plagued by a combination of sleeplessness and nightmares, the Wah arose to discover the humane mouse trap we had set up to catch Ms Squeaky was closed.

Now over the past week, we had caught Ms Squeaky in this device no less than two times. The trap is not transparent, so we had transferred the mouse into first a laundry basket, then a tall bucket, in order to make sure it was actually in there. But the sneaky little bugger had escaped both times - once mysteriously ("Where'd she go?!?!") and once brazenly ("Oh no, she's escaping!" "Well, stop her!" "I can't, I'm too scared!").

So when the Wah found the shut trap in the pre-dawn hours, he decided not to bother trying to transfer it. He simply grabbed it, headed up to the park at the end of our street, and set Ms Squeaky into the wild.

I should point out at this stage that I Slept Through the Whole Thing.

But it wasn't all good news - the Wah went on a search for Ms Squeaky's three little babies under our spare bed - only to discover the nest was empty! We estimate the babies to be at least two weeks old now - almost, if not actually, self-reliant.

Where have the Squeaky siblings gone? The saga continues...

UPDATE! Oh, how cocky we were - this evening we came home to spy one baby mouse under the fridge, and another scuttling under our couch. God knows where the third one is.



  1. They are conspiring with cricket from a while back. They will have their revenge for your mousenapping of their Mum!

  2. Cats. 2 x adopted ferals, properly neutered.

    Apparently, there's a mouse plague of sorts here in NE Tassie at the moment. I had no idea. No wonder the cats are looking fat and happy.

    Ms Squeaky and her brood get no sympathy from me.

  3. I wish to tender the following proposition.

    Ms Squeeky has sacrificed the Squeeky triplets in an effort to cast a compulsion spell on Mr Squeeky to return him to her loving paws.
    Having discovered that the spell seems to be RS or, that Mr Squeeky has found a much younger Squeeket.
    Ms Squeeky having had her tiny heart broken by the philandering swine attempts to commit suicide in the trap, unaware that it is a humane ?? trap.
    As we speak can you not picture Ms Squeeky supine on the railway track at the bottom of the park waiting for the 6.30am goods train
    The Ancient Man

  4. Didn't Mahler fo a concerto about this, "De drei todt mausen kinder"?

  5. I second Flinthart's suggestion.

    Do you know anyone who can loan you a cat for a day or two?

  6. So, apparently the children were not sacrificed on eros' altar Mrs Squeeky is a female of the 21st century and doesn't need males cluttering the home. Hopefully her training includes keeping an eye on the sky...

    On the subject of the borrowed cat, you can bet that if you do this you will come home just in time to find a cat contentedly asleep curled next to the half mouse he/she did not finish
    The Ancient Man

  7. Hmmm, borrowed cat better be feral otherwise it'll be to stressed to do it's job. To get rid of the feral cat will require a dog ... you may be better off with mice.

  8. and to get rid of the dog she will need a bear! When will the madness end?!

  9. chuck norris wearing a captain kirk mask will solve not only your mouse problem, but all other problems as well.

    be sure to handle with care and wear cotton gloves and welding goggles, as the awesome can burn to the touch and blind you.

    til next....