Jul 7, 2009

News Ltd Takes the Piss

I am delighted to present to you a piece of sub-editorial silliness that I'd like to think would make Stuart Littlemore chuckle.

During a pre-bedtime news check, I logged onto news.com.au to find this on the front page:

Now look closer at the top story next to the wannabe model:

Notice something familiar about that photo?

It is, in fact, Andre Serrano's Piss Christ, a controversial artwork first displayed in America in 1989. In 1997, it came to Australia, where two teenagers smashed it with a hammer as it hung in the National Gallery of Victoria.

It's called Piss Christ because it is a photograph of a small crucific suspended in a jar of the artist's own urine.

I love the thought that a late-night sub-editor saw a story about an alleged exorcism, did a quick Google search to find a religious-related photograph, was attracted by the bright yet filmy orange of the Piss Christ, and whacked it up without a second thought.

Although, it could be that the sub-editor is making a meta-point about the terrible things that have been done to religion, or in the name of religion. Perhaps he or she is having the last laugh. In that case, I salute you, subversive sub-editor.

I wanted to put these screen shots up because I suspect by Tuesday morning it will be long gone.

But I'll let you make your own jokes about the front page of News Limited's flagship website being covered in urine.


  1. Would it be considered a fake if it was someone elses piss?...

    ...anyway, the cops doing an exorcism on a kid was eclipsed by a shiny picture?. Good grief, where's this story....

  2. Hey Moko - I wasn't commenting or passing judgement on the news story itself, simply the graphic used to accommpany it.

    Nothing was "eclipsed" - I merely noticed what I thought was a comically inappropriate graphic and chose to highlight it before it disappeared.

  3. I know, didn't mean it to come across as hving a go.

  4. Pees on you my child
    The Ancient Man

  5. Maybe the policeman tried a german porn style exorcism...

  6. "sub-editor is making a meta-point about", surely that is giving the subeditor waaaay too much credit.

    Excellent pickup, you'll have a job on media watch in no time. Stuart Littlemore qwould be proud.