Aug 11, 2009

On A Boat

I encountered a fair number of boats during my adventures in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

I present them to you now in what I believe is the only appropriate form: dorky-comedy-parody-tribute video (note: this song involves swear words!).

(With many apologies to the Lonely Island guys.)


  1. Loved the video, Nat! Your special brand of "dorky" dancing has won me over (I mean dorky in a good way!).

    And one other thing; Awwww! Greggles!

  2. Honestly, you give him one brief shot in the video and he's the hit!

    But thanks for watching and commenting. ;)

  3. Great vid there!

    I do like the 'Planet Express' T-shirt-cool!

    The small boat or sampan is still in wide use along the rivers of SE Asia. Not a bad way to travel, it appears. My cousin was 'Brown Water Navy' (river patrol) in Vietnam. All they did was check those sampans for bad guys or gear. Good to see boats full of dancing Oz ladies instead!!

    Good stuff, Natalie. Thanks!

  4. lol I love u Nat. lol U rock so very hard :)

  5. Bwaahahah oh Nat you're a funny little muppet

  6. Loved it! That was fantastic! Good work Natalie! - Wanda