Sep 8, 2009

Touche Magique

I am generally one of those annoying people (ie: women) who is a bit whingy and critical about her physical appearance and shape. Luckily, I have a friend who is a magician:


Aurélie Beeston is a genius behind the lens. She's also a deft touch at processing photographs - ensuring the best light and truest beauty is brought out in each shot. Which is the technical way of saying damn, she's good at getting rid of my flaws.

We did this photoshoot a few weeks' back: Aurelie wanted to experiment with sun flare and urban settings using her new Canon; and I'm a shameless narcissist who loves posing.

I know it is one of the truisms of my life as a Modern Woman that while I wish to be valued and admired for my intelligence, wit and creative skills - by goodness I won't say no to looking swish in the odd photoshoot.

No wonder you blokes get fed up with us chicks. WE ARE FULL OF INTERNAL CONFLICT.

The point is, I'm very excited to see that Aurelie has finally launched a website of her work; with more to come. I highly recommend her services to anyone out there looking for a photographer for weddings, portraits - anything.

Her website also features a full slideshow of my photoshoot, complete with a funky French backing track.


  1. GC, I really wouldnt worry about the body mass, JF WEPT, great shots and you look HAWT..NO SHIT.

    Your friend is a very good photographer too, I did notice the Avatar BTW. top and bottom shots are wicked. If anybody else says otherwise, tell to get FKD!. Honestly!.

  2. Aw, thanks Havock, you scrawny bastard. ;)

  3. Whoohoo !!!!

    Almost as good as my Bottle of Bundaberg Reserve

    The Ancient Man

  4. Wow! You can hardly see the scars at all... (ducks for cover)

    Seriously: good photos. And you can only get so far with a crap model, no matter how good you are with a camera, so I'd say it's fair to assume the model here hasn't exactly reached her expiry date as yet. Nice one, GC!

  5. Am I allowed to say HUBBA HUBBA?




  6. I readily admit that those pics are good, and your friend is a talented photographer, but - due to an acute, and sometimes troubling, sense of personal honesty - I am forced to admit that, after viewing the photos you posted, I was somewhat disappointed that you didn't post a few depicting you wearing less clothing.

  7. Wowowowow! Beautiful beautiful shots!

  8. Hey Sharnee!! Great to hear from you. I'm glad you like the shots. Hope life with the boys is travelling reasonably calmly for you. ;)