Jan 26, 2010


Am I racist?

I don't know really. I mean, I don't FEEL like having a go at some black or brown or yellow or otherwise non-white people even though it IS Australia Day. But then I do appear to be having some run-ins with political incorrectness.

Yesterday the Wah and I were watching UK sketch comedy show That Mitchell and Webb Look, and at one point I asked if one of the cast members had been in Doctor Who.

"No," said the Wah. "That was a different black man."

"I didn't mean it like that!" I protested. "He looks like the guy who was in that Weakest Link episode. Or was he the guy who Donna was going to marry in her first Christmas episode?"

"Natalie, they were both different black men. Just because they're both black with very short hair, doesn't make them the same actor. There are lots of black actors."

"I didn't mean it like that! That's who that guy looked like to me!"

"Oh, they look the same to you? Are you being racist, Natalie?"

"Argh! No! I'm not racist! I'm not!"

Cut to much later in the evening. I'm watching a drama-documentary about the aftermath of the Hindenburg explosion. The Wah returns from a rehearsal.

"Hey, guess who's in this show?" I ask. "Paul McGann!"

"Really?" says the Wah, always interested in the careers of Doctors post-Who. "Where?"

"Look, that's him!" I say. "Playing the American commander who brought the airship in to land too quickly."

"That's not Paul McGann."

"It IS! It IS Paul McGann! That's his face!"

The Wah pauses. "Natalie, just because two white guys look somewhat similar, doesn't mean they're the same person."

"Oh you shut up!"

"Natalie, white guys are people too."

"I swear that's Paul McGann. I'll look it up on imdb.com."

It wasn't him. Paul McGann hadn't done the Hindenburg docu-drama.

"See, Natalie? There are lots of different white actors."


Later, the credits rolled on the Hindenburg program. I wait and watch, hoping maybe the Internet Movie Database had just missed a credit. The name scrolls by.

"MARK McGANN!" I cry.

"Who?" says the Wah.

"Mark McGann!" A quick internet check. "It's his BROTHER!"

So I'm not sure. Maybe I am racist.

Or maybe I just need a pair of glasses.


  1. That wasn't Thewah who said that stuff. That was ME!!

    But I guess we all look the same to you don't we?

  2. Shut up, Simon, and get me a coffee. And show a bit more butt-crack as you go. There's a good toots.

  3. You are SOOOOO racialist. Your kind always are.

  4. The world needs more racists like you!

  5. You're facist. Can't tell one face from another.

  6. She fails to mention that I am grinning like the Cheshire Cat right through all these exchanges. There is nothing more fun than riling up Ms.Clumsy with crap logical arguments. It's a total win if she ends up physically attacking me... aaaah.. young love ;)

  7. P.s. The man in 'That Mitchell and Webb Look' was Paterson Joseph. The man in Dr Who was Don Gilet... though it is rumoured that Paterson Joseph was considered for Doctor 11 before Matt Smith got the role. yup.. i'm tragic

  8. But do you own a USB tardis like me and Disco Stu?

  9. No... But i own a Tardis moneybox that makes the voorp voorp voorp noise when you put money in... and don't even start me about my 18 inch dalek.. i don't like to boast

  10. surprised you or GC didn't do a post on the end of the Tennant era


    *broken sobbing*

  12. Sorry mate, but we all have to grow up and hear the truth sometimes

  13. Patterson Joseph *was* the guy in the Weakest Link episode ("Bad Wolf"). Are you sure Natalie wasn't right all along?



  14. The world needs more racists if they are racists like you CG.

  15. Ha! Ha! Take that, Wah! Take that!

  16. Beeso, I should also point out that the Wah owns two sonic screwdrivers and one laser screwdriver, because really, who'd use sonic?

  17. Also, Tom - thank you SO much for stopping by! We miss you guys. :) Here's hoping to a UK trip later this year...

  18. Children Children Be good to one another...
    Why aren't you sorting out the Australia Day Yobs?
    You will recognise them by their flags !!!
    Oh thats right all their flags look the same to you
    The Ancient Man

  19. Patterson Joseph is somewhat awesome.