Jan 2, 2010

Second Bite of the Felafel

He Died With a Felafel in His Hand - the revival season - is now up and running at the Brisbane Arts Theatre.

Our opening night was wonderful - we had just under 100 in the audience; all of whom seemed to have a great time. There was lots of laughter and applause, simply joyous for the cast and crew. I'm so grateful for people who took the time to come along - it's marvellous to have that support for the show, the cast and the theatre.

Here's yours truly in character as Deborah, the whip-happy dominatrix:

You can see more of Kris Anderson's gorgeous Felafel photo set here.

Playwright Simon Bedak was on super-secret business somewhere in the wild New South Wales country and couldn't escape. John Birmingham himself is still on book-writin' deadline and couldn't make it. However, I'm hoping to needle him enough to get him along to one of the performances - possibly even closing night on January 15. For the "Burgers" reading; I'd love to designate a particular night as "Burger Night" - we had such a fun Christmas get-together, I'd love to have some post-show beers with y'all at the theatre. Let me know if you're keen, and I'll liaise with JB - hopefully we can sort out a suitable night!

For absolutely everyone - you can book your tickets securely online now! I'd love to see you all.


  1. I'm up for a burger night, as always. Let's see if GC has more luck at organising one minus the monumental faff-a-thon.

  2. It's the missus transplant anniversary too. Would love to bring her along. She loved it last time. Great idea for a pressie. Thanks GC.

  3. If there is booze to be drunk I will be there

    Great night, last night the cast has certainly kept it together...in fact they seem to have tightened it up even more

    The Ancient Man

  4. Moko - Remember the warning of Greg from South Maclean "It is a show that I wouldn't take my wife too" ;)

  5. The show looks great, congratulations. Will check out the tickets site, thanks for the info.

  6. Definitely up for a Burger Nite, let us know and count me in.

  7. I like the "Mrs B on the couch" shot in that set, GC. At least I think it's Mrs B, IIRC.
    No idea why you didn't include that here... :)