Feb 22, 2010

First Contact...

...with an advertiser!

That's right, the grinding machinery of the nascent Clumsy Empire has kicked into gear in the name of corporate profit.

Well, kinda.

About a week ago, out of the blue, I got an email from a lady named Jennifer, on behalf of the online business Whiteport. They specialise in homewares, accessories & gifts - all in white (because according to Jennifer, the white palette is "timeless").

In her email, Jennifer said my blog "caught their eye", and she wanted to offer my readers a 20% discount on their first purchase from the site.

Now I was very excited to receive this email. It's the first time anybody's ever contacted me looking to promote a business on girlclumsy.com. So I've been communicating with Jennifer for the past week, checking things like where they source products, their guarantee & returns policy, and whether they're an Australian company (100% owned, it turns out).

Having satisified myself that Whiteport seems a reputable online business with secure payment systems, a 7-day return or exchange policy, and a range of products from all over the world, I decided that, damnit, I'm going to take a tentative step in the direction of "internet advertising".

I should point out: I'm not actually getting paid anything for this. All I have is access to the same 20% discount that any readers do. You can access that discount by typing BLOG into the coupon window in the checkout section, should you decide to buy something.

I've noticed that while many of their products are what you might call "premium", they do have many in the "affordable" range category of $50 and under, so if someone you know is having a birthday or getting married soon, it's the kind of website where you could pick up a lovely gift.

Speaking of which, if anyone would like to buy me this...

...I wouldn't say no.

These are the most beautiful things I found on the Whiteport site: hand-crafted, vintage-style bus destination scrolls. They have a whole bunch of different cities to choose from, as well as the international one shown above. And Jennifer tells me they're soon to launch a custom option - so you can choose your own destinations. I thought first I should get one done with all the places the Wah and I have been. Then I thought, "Wait! I should get one with all the places we want to go visit!".

But they each cost $880, plus postage, so it will remain on my wish list for now.

So there you have it. An offer for girlclumsy.com readers that isn't just more whining or dodgy attempts at humour!


  1. Sell out! With me tonight. Sell out! With me oh yeah. The record company's gonna give us lots of money and everything's gonna be. All. Right.


  2. Aww. The sell-out comments have started already.

    I swear, I'm doing a bad job if I'm "selling out", 'cause I ain't getting nuffin! :)

  3. nice sign. put me down for a few. happy to squiz at their site. bedes

  4. I approve. Website was stable, ordering was okay. No marked 'home return' button, but clicking on the logo returned okay. I grabbed a bathrobe, which I have meant to do since forever. I missed the coupon code entry point on my first way through, as my screen was too small and the form too long. But the shop software was smart enough to figure it all out and save everything when I dived back to enter the coupon details.

    "Ask GC" - would a lingerie bag be: a) a bag to keep racy items in one location and somewhat hidden, b) a more stylish version of those mesh bags for washing a bra in or c) something else?

  5. Bedes - the signs are gorgeous, aren't they? I'm just in love with them.

    Bart - thanks for buying something, that's awesome! And a lingerie bag I imagine would be for washing, but I'll go check it out to double check.

  6. Thanks. I'm enjoying both your 20% discount and superior knowledge about girl stuff :)