Apr 10, 2010

Opening Night

Opening night is here. In a few hours, my actors will be strutting 'n' fretting for a few hours upon the stage as The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco premieres at the Brisbane Arts Theatre.

Our crazy busy tech week has been... well, crazy busy. Any number of people could vouch for me being particularly hellish to be around. But the best roads are always the rocky ones, and - much like a turtle with a SatNav glued to its back - we have got there.

Thank you to everyone who has given their time, help and support over the past few weeks - I appreciate it more than you could know. I hope you all get to see The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco - and I hope you all have a great time. And to John Birmingham and Simon Bedak - I hope I do you proud, sirs.

Allright, time to fuck this puppy!


  1. Good luck! Break legs, lots of 'em.

  2. The same wishes from me
    The Ancient Man

  3. Well, well, well. Look at little miss fancy pants. I guess you're feeling pretty proud of yourself now that opening night has sold out aren't you?

    Congrats and good luck on a successful run.

  4. Just remember, if you are not one of the 151 theatre going elite at the world premiere of "The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco" tonight, you should book your tickets to a subsequent show immediately. This way, the shame of missing out will be soothed by the salve of Decoys, Wool-Balls and Karate Dykes.

  5. Question from the Peanut Gallery...Chaz and his good lady wife will be here Sat 1 May and a group of us would like to be there with them for that night. Rumor has it that General Havock will be here too.

    Do we need to do a group booking so we can all sit together?

    Hmm...its just occurred to me I should've emailed you.
    Oh well, on the plus side the number of cats I have to herd may double.

    Taa GC


  6. As I said on the other thread:
    All the best for opening night and
    break a leg, but look after your foot!

    Look forward to seeing it next Saturday night, if (as Quokka said) I can manage to herd my own group of cats into some sort of order to come along.

    Congrats on selling out opening night and most importantly - HAVE FUN!!!!


  7. Fantastic show GC. You and your cast and crew have done a fabulous job. It appears I may be back for closing night.

    Sorry I didn't get to say goodnight, I couldn't see you, and The Brat, who also had a ball by the way, was ready to head home. Still not 100% but getting there. Will see you again in a few weeks. Hope the rest of the run is as awesome.

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