Apr 11, 2010

Up and Running

Thank you to everyone, absolutely everyone, for making opening night of The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco insanely wondrous and awesome. The cast in particular deserve a special shout out for their magnificent work onstage. They deserved their post-show beer.

Now it's full-steam ahead for the season. We need to keep up the promotion to ensure we get as many people in Brisbane as possible to this play. To that end, I present to you some genius work by Mr Kris Anderson. Feel free to spread this around the internet like you'd spread chocolate on Charlize Theron:

Internet stupidom? I'm generally pretty happy with the service provided by both Blogger and YouTube. But I discovered trying to embed this video from YouTube that they've increased their minimum embed size - and that new minimum is too wide to fit in my Blogger reading pane. As I've already discovered, I'm not the only blogger to be affected by this. You would think that some thought might have gone into that, given that both services are owned by Google. So instead, I've had to upload the vid using the Blogger video upload, and I'll just have to link you to the YouTube video.


  1. A great night
    Congrats to all involved (especially the donator of the long white socks)
    The Ancient Man

  2. Are there videos of the awesomeness show you created? I don't think I'm ever going to get to see one live.

  3. Thats great, though I think I would ahve wanted to see the crowd as much as the show. Treffic effort GC.

  4. This show's a fucking monster. On yas.

    Bedes xx