Apr 30, 2010

Tassie Babes reaction

We're about half-way through our season of The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco, and it's going really well. Having said that, we have lots of spare seats still available that I'd like to fill up. Bigger crowds are always better - more fun for the performers, a great vibe, more merch opportunities for us!

We've had a lot of great feedback and publicity, and some marvellous reviews. I thought I'd collate as many as I could here.
  • The Courier Mail
  • Stagediary
  • Absolute Theatre
  • Media Culture
  • Stage Whispers
  • Brisbane Blog
  • Brisbane Critiques - this has been our most unintentionally hilarious review. Kellie Scott really didn't like the show, and some of her quotes are just gold - for example, "Many in the crowd laughed – but I don’t know why. I’m always amazed by how many people find stupidity utterly hilarious" and my favourite, "Do not take your Nanna or your under-aged daughter to this one". Which is a relief for us, because we're obviously targeting Grandads and under-aged sons. There's no way to comment directly on Kellie's site, but I've discovered her reviews are cross-posted on another theatre site where there IS a comment section... just sayin'...
What's been wonderful is finding people's own personal reviews and write-ups of the show. Of course, having author John Birmingham describe Tassie Babes as "better than Felafel" is probably the highest praise we could have hoped for. His former literary agent now Earth Mother Extraordinaire Hughesy brought tears to my eyes with her heartfelt response to seeing opening night. The way she writes, I've produced genuine art, as opposed to the collection of well-timed nob gags that I was going for!

A whole bunch of other "Burgers" have come along to see the show. Drej flew all the way from Broome, and had some lovely things to say. Mayhem and Enjoy Medway were both highly complimentary. There's also a host of mini-reviews on Twitter, if you search the hashtag #tassiebabes.

We've also had a couple of neat little feature articles on the show in both TimeOff and Scene magazines.

Due to a combined effort of sharp-eared radio listening-tweeters, we managed to get cast member Drew Jarvis onto Triple J yesterday afternoon, due to comedian Sam Simmons' obession with the axed Channel Nine show "The Shak". Drew played Curio on the show, and you can have a listen to his exchange with Sam here. It's about 48 minutes in, and he gets in a very classy plug.  Drew will also be heading into the 4ZzZ studios on Sunday night to be a part of the Televised Revolution Logies special. I've requested the hosts Dan and Simon allow enough gaps between jokes about Richard Wilkins' appalling red carpet manner for Drew to mention the play.

I really want to encourage everyone to come and see The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco. I'm obviously biased, as I want to have big crowds for my actors, and to make the theatre as much cash as possible. But also because it's a good show, a fun show, a show that just wants you to lean back and have a laugh, free from any restraint of what theatre "could" or "should" be. I like to think that's what Shakespeare would have wanted.

You can book online through our secure web ticketing system. A note: John Birmingham and Simon Bedak (our illustrious playwright) will both be back on closing night, 15 May. If you want to come along for that night, you MUST book ahead - it will sell out.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and promoted the show so far - please keep it going. Word of mouth remains unbeaten as a publicity device.


  1. one of my friends brought her 10-year-old son. He loved it.

    Your target audience is definately satisfied!

  2. Tickets bought for the closing night.

  3. I have a gang of twelve coming for closing night. Six from Canberra, six locals. Woot! I want to be there for the urinal naming celebration!

  4. Closing night rep-re-zent! Am even sitting in the ill-fated Row of Havoc

  5. Thanks for providing all those links GC. Some great reviews and well deserved praise for all involved.

    I too have booked for closing night, seems The Burger contingent will be well represented in Row C, if not half the bloody theatre. Remind me to have a chat to you in the next few days about Catty's tix.

    Looking forward to it enormously....

  6. BANZAI..yes..with ALD, and the balance of the feralised BURGERS..I'm in..OH HOW I AM SO FKN IN!..should be a cracker GC.

  7. Is closing night sold out??

  8. Fabulous show, CG - thanks for putting it on! I took a friend to the Chaz outing last weekend and we had a blast. It was terrific to see something so vibrant, so quintessentially Brisbane (we'd both lived in eerily similar versions of that share house) and so unlikely to be animated by Disney Studios.

    And I loved the musical numbers - you were right to insist.

  9. Quokka Said:

    Ah yes, the notorious Row C.
    We were there too and had a marvelous night out.
    Admittedly I was still somewhat the worse the wear from events of the night before.

    The Bloke passed the comment that without the ghastly cinder block bookcase with hippy sarongs as doilies, which I believe every share house of our day had, and which was used in the Falafal production - the set lacked the ring of horror which chilled him to the bone the first time around.

    Those things were horribly unstable and I suspect he still has hairline fractures from falling over on them whilst drunk, so while I understand why Workplace Health And Safety may have taken issue with them...

    Please! GC! For the love of all that was truly horrible in our youth - please Bring Back The Cinder Block Bookcase!