May 6, 2010

Update in Pictures

I've been busy.

Last Friday I picked up my new car, a little Toyota Yaris YR in "lustre". Mmm, fancy. It's fun driving a manual again, and the chair has a really lovely chunky feel and that great new car smell. Don't worry, I'm already starting to throw new crap in it. Speaking of which, I still have to get out to the wreckers' and retrieve all the old crap from my poor Corolla before it's stripped like kebab meat and sold off for parts to some heartless, faceless dodgy-ass dealership.

Saturday I flew to Sydney to catch up with some improvising peeps and compete in the 2010 Theatresports Nationals at the Enmore Theatre. It was heaps of fun; sad that our Queensland team "The Speakeasy", didn't make it through to the second half, but good in that we received loads of positive feedback from all quarters and got to take part in/witness some great impro.

And I'm calling us the best-dressed team by far:

Nat the Cigarette Girl, Tristan the Gangster,
Tom the Dandy and Dave the Gumshoe.
I flew back in Monday night and headed straight up to our regular Monday night show The Speakeasy at 320 on Leichhardt (yes, we took our team name from our show name), to see our new beginner improviers get blooded. They did a great job - if you're ever looking for some fine and free Monday night entertainment, check out The Speakeasy.

I'd been battling a cold all weekend, and was just too crook Tuesday to go to work. I spent the day getting some much needed - and already used up - rest.

Yesterday I was back at work, and out early to Jimboomba, where local member Aidan McLindon was busy working out what the "LNP" on his number plate would stand for after he quit to become an independent (his suggestion? "Love 'n' Peace"). I managed to snap this quick shot as his media conference wrapped up:

That's St Thomas More on the wall - the patron saint of politicans, apparently. Now Sir Thomas More was burned at the stake for disagreeing with Henry VIII - I'll let you construct your own metaphorical jokes here about Mr McLindon's future.

Last night it was back up to the Brisbane Arts Theatre for The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco - and a night of taking candid shots backstage. I have an incredibly photogenic cast, but have decided to just post this one as a special shout out to playwright Simon Bedak.

Simon still thinks the Bundy Bear is a rat.
 I'm heading back up to the theatre tonight, tomorrow and Saturday - and of course for all four of our shows next week. Do make sure you book - I can't tell you how much I'd love to sell this show out a bunch of times and make fistfuls of cash for the theatre.


  1. "Lustre" is a fkn colour? It it really red?

  2. 'YR Hatchback: Proudly independent.'

    Of what? Your intended direction of travel???

    Actually the most worrying thing, and this relates to ALD's point - 'lustre' isn't red. It's beige. Sorry, but you've bought a beige Toyota.

  3. It's not beige! It's "silky gold"!

  4. "silky gold" = fancy beige, yeah?

  5. NO! It's NOT BEIGE! I didn't buy a beige car!!!


  6. I had a beige car when The Brat was little. He decided it was "dark white", was absolutely convinced of it...

  7. Glad you're mobile again, can't go wrong with a Toyota!

  8. Go look it up on the Toyota website kids...

    Set my Beige Alarm off good 'n' proper. You know you'll have to get a matching cardigan and bowls hat to go with, now.

  9. And a nice tartan rug to keep your knees warm on those long drives.

  10. All I hear in my head when I see the Bundy Rat is:

    all around me are familiar faces
    worn out places
    worn out faces

  11. Hey! That's the car I drive! Good choice!

  12. I don't know what this says about my personality, but I'm kinda depressed that everyone's teasing me about the colour of my car. It's like high school all over again.

    One day I'll learn to play with the big boys...

  13. LOL, nice one Doc - it's not quite "Richie Benaud" beige, but it certainly ain't "silky gold"... sorry GC. But of course, it looks better in real life, right?

  14. OH, now I feel bad GC, your comment came up just as I posted mine...
    ...could be worse, I drive a "Tiger Mica" Commo I bought a few years back and either get mistaken for a cab by drunk fools or teased by my sisters about driving an orange car.

  15. Thanks Timmo - but my car really is golden-coloured, it really is!

    It actually varies a bit depending on the light, but in bright sun is quite golden.

    I'm going to have to take some pictures to prove it to all of these nay-sayers!!! Harrumph.

  16. "And I'm calling us the best-dressed team by far:" and certainly the best looking

    and who decides which saint is the patron of who, is it some special committee in the Vatican, " your holiness we now turn to item 6 on the agenda an application from the society of patent clerks seeking a patron saint...."

  17. Aww dude you know it's affectionate. And if you don't, well, it is. FFS I drive a Westinghouse-white Ford Mondeo wagon because that's what my company gets. Not having to pay for it is scant recompense for driving around in slightly aerodynamicised whitegoods.

  18. I know, Doc, I know - I'm just too sensitive for my own good. If I posted about all the real crazy stuff that pops into my head... well...I think you'd all have me committed!

  19. Yaris - awesome. How awesome is the speedo rig? You use that baby for a while, hop back into a 'normal' car and you will think "Woah, that feels so unsafe".

    I also love the way drink holders exactly hold a 600ml Milk.

    I loved my Yaris, until I needed the carry-cubes and went to my Hilux.

  20. As you drive down the street will we hear a shout:

    "Look out !!!
    "It's Cardigan Car Girl in the Beige Yaris"

    The Ancient Man

  21. And as you drive down the street past all of those who walk. Regardless of the colour of your vehicular carriage, you can sit there, in the air-conditioning, and smugly think.... "Let 'em wear down their shoe leather, and get hot and wet..."