May 11, 2010

Return to Surplus

Return to Sender by Elvis Presley
As sung by Treasurer Wayne Swan

I'm gonna tell you my budget
I'll just stick to the facts
There's already such outrage
About my mining tax

But I gotta:
Return to surplus, the debt is blown
No more borrow, no more loan
Miners don't like it, they threw a spac
Oh please X-Strata
Won't you come on back?

So I gotta speak in Canberra
And you're all eye and ear
But I'm afraid there's no sweeteners
In this election year

Because I gotta:
Return to surplus, by 2015
No more spending, no more schemes

This time I'm gonna do it right
Although this doc's a dud
But hey at least I'm more popular
Than that dude Kevin Rudd

Because I'm gonna:
Return to surplus, it may be hard
But I want another kiss, from that Gillard


  1. Not only sis you make it funny, you made it SCAN. Awesome.

  2. Thank heaven I'm here on my own, would you believe I just SANG that thing out loud????? Next time use a tune I'm too old to know please!