Jun 16, 2010

GC helps the Socceroos

So the Socceroos had a big of a bad start to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Well, they lost 4-nil, which may as well be 50-nil, which may as well be they were transported back in time and forced to fight Napoleon and his massed Frenchie hordes solo at the Battle of the Pyramids wearing nothing but a tube top and armed only with roller blades.

Or something.

Anyway, the point is - never fear! Girl Clumsy is here! As a veteran of five, count them, FIVE Year 12 inter-school soccer matches, I am kindly donating my time and expertise to help the Aussie boys bring it home against Ghana this week.


Of course, I'm more than happy to accept lucrative coaching/sponsorship contracts should anybody out there require my inspirational motivational skills.


  1. yup... it IS so dodgy (but freaking funny), but the truth hurts... If you get the coaching position, I need the role as team manager. Soft bastards the lot of them.. Bread and water after a loss... And NO GIRLS (or boys, depending on your proclivities) before a game (a week before)

    A final point... Maybe an Impromafia training session so that they piss-poor actors, throwing themselves to the ground, could be more believable!

  2. I like how you don't mind making a bit of a fool of yourself for content. That's dedication.

    I'm not sure why but the "The other type of lose... although..." made me laugh quite a bit.

  3. Hmm,.. Who are the 'Matildas'?
    *google-search* Whoa HO HELLO VICAR!! Looks like I left Safe search off.

    At this point it may even be a better idea to send the 'Firebirds' in.

    Also, I think it's the AFL players who need exposure to 'loos'. They just haven't seemed to get the hang of them yet.

  4. Haha, nicely done! :)

    I've just started venturing into video blogging myself actually, yours is a lot more spiffy than my techno-plebby efforts, but you've inspired me to put in some more hard yards lady!

  5. That was much more entertaining than watching the carnage of the English language at a Pimms Verdung post-match presser. Bedes

  6. Yep ... you are good! Every time I watch one of your video's I PMSL. Seriously.