Jun 3, 2010

Have a Break

I bought myself a new toy recently - a Zoom Q3 audio recorder with a neat little video function. It is my intention to make hilarious comedy with this device - but until I can engage something resembling a comic brain, you get this:

Of course, I'm so obsessed with gadgets at the moment, I'll probably fold at some point and buy a Flip camera as well. My handbag will be chockers with audio-video devices, all lumped in together like a high-tech forge of Hephestus, as if their mere presence will inspire me towards creative genius....

...see this is why I really need to get a kitten.


  1. Heh - my friend Scott in Denver just got back from Taipei, and he brought home a box of TEN of those wasabi kit-kat packets. Opened one of the ten packets. Had one bite. He called the rest of that kit kat finger "a lifetime supply", so I think there are some spare boxes of wasabi kit kat around if you want some :)

    He did have nicer things to say about the green tea flavoured ones...

  2. Filming yourself eating - na matter what you're eating - is braver than filming yourself playing with sex toys Nat.

    Well done, interesting range of facial expressions there love.

  3. I just loved the way your mouth went from :-)
    to :-( over the recording
    The Ancient Man

  4. Great stuff

    "...see this is why I really need to get a kitten".
    so you can feed it wasabi flavoured Kit Kats? I don't understand.

    Wouldn't feeding a cat a kit kat be kinda like brand catnibalism?


  5. Ewwww! You looked like you were sucking sick through a sock!

    Thanks for the heads up - I'll add that to my mother's cooking on the "do not eat" list.

  6. OMG that's the funky shit. And I, for one, am glad it wasn't me that was obliged to sample it. Thx for taking one for the team GC.