Jun 1, 2010


Because yesterday was official "Let's all quit Facebook Day", apparently:


  1. Quite apt, given Facebook has us bent over and grabbing our ank...
    look, I think I'll just step away from that statement
    *whistles as he sidles towards exit looking sheepish*

  2. It perplexes THE HELL outta me that Facebook is basically being blamed for people's stupidity. Privacy settings are irrelevant if that information isn't put on there.

    We put WAY too much trust programs designed by people we know nothing about.

  3. Video content and now webcomics? This is all happening so fast. I finally know what old people feel like when they see kids using computers.

  4. Dr Yobbo - there's got to be a term for that. Facebooked? Take it in the facebook?

    Moko - It's true - I don't really bother uploading much there anymore. Although there's still probably stuff on there I should remove...

    DiscoStu - I wouldn't stress, it's some fairly dodgy MS paint-work. :)

  5. To that I would ad http://gizmodo.com/5534736/more-reasons-why-you-should-still-quit-facebook

    and I posted it on facebook with the the disclaimer

    "By the way, I'm aware of the irony of appearing on TV in order to decry it, so don't bother pointing that out!" -sideshow Bob

  6. Hahahaha love the webcomic GC. :D