Jul 17, 2010

Julia's Song

Election time is here! Election time is here!

Which means it's time for me to pull out my Julia Gillard impersonation. To be honest, it's still got some way to go, but it'll have to develop over five weeks of campaigning.

This is gonna be fun.


  1. You, my love, are hilarious. I love the things you do. So creative. I shall look forward to hearing more of "Julia" as the election campaign continues. Gold.

  2. That was awesome. Seriously. You've also pretty much got the voice down already. It's actully really hard to nail the combination of polished tone with the hint of Adelaide twang. Very nicely done.

  3. I think you're not laboring it enough.
    *rim shot*

  4. nice work, darl. well done!

  5. Hahah. Spot on. She's so kath and kim.