Jul 15, 2010

The Sting and the Scar

It's been a year since The Wah and I came off second-best after an entanglement with a jellyfish in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

One year on, and the record of my encounter is still an angry red barb on my inner-forearm.


In a split second, that goddamned inverterbrate sea creature left more of a mark on me than all of Tom Cruise's films of the past decade.

PhotobucketI have a bunch of scars. Most are on my legs, which these days resemble the pitch battlefields of the Somme, littered as they are with trenches and spools of criss-crossing barbed wire. Each one is a relic of a hasty shave job, a close encounter of the feline kind, a painful run-in with a car door, or a slip down some stairs, or a slip on a travelator... all of them related in some way to my epic clumsiness.

However my best scar - up until I received the sting, at any rate - is on my left thumb. That one you can chalk up to kabana. I'd been trying to open a packet of the delicious sausage while making a pizza, but had grabbed it in the wrong way, placing my thumb right beneath the portion of the plastic I proceeded to thrust a sharp knife through. I was 13 at the time, and my parents had to take me to the doctor to tape down the flap of skin that I'd created. No stitches, mind, just butterfly tags and a whacking great big bandage. To this day I have a bulging pad of skin on the thumb, bordered by a U-shaped scar.

Do you have any good scars/good scar stories?


  1. I have a scar under my chin where I split it open as a child. My beard doesn't even grow along that line.

    To this day the small boy in me wishes I got to see the gruesome result of my clumsiness. Everyone was so horribly shocked when they saw me stumbled towards them, pissing blood from the face. No one would let me near a mirror. They said I couldn't handle it. Maybe it was shock but it didn't hurt at the time.

    Oh I also have a great scar on my finger where I tried to open some glue with a sharp knife. Unfortunately I'd love to say that was when I was a kid, but sadly it happened only a year or so ago.

  2. Scar stories, Heh. Usually only GF's ask for the scar stories.

    My nose has been broken a good dozen times, between cricket, boxing, and volleyball. But the scars do not show unless I crinkle my nose, then there are white lines across it over the breaks.

    My left pointer finger looks a bit wrong and has a few scars, but it's good trick is that it can turn almost all the way round due to being bashed around with SCA fighting and cricket.

    My elbow look normal bent, but once I straighten it out you can see the matchbox size scar tissue.

    I was body surfing down Byron once and body surfed a "King wave" - so "King" that it broke two metres past the water and dumped me face first one the sand. My upper teeth punctured the skin over my lower jaw, and left me with a nice tight "U" scar.

    Bike riding one day and a rock flew out and hit me in the forehead, 15 years later, and it still shows.

    Medical scars - I loved the still shot in Troy, that had Brad Pitt's immunization circle scar on his left tricep, and the plane in the background. I have the same scar. I have a ripper of a scar on my chest, but that one is only for GF's to here the story...

  3. WOW, those are an impressive collection of battle scars CG.
    Reminds me of the scene in 1990 Movie Mountains of the Moon starring Patrick Bergin as the famous explorer Richard Burton, where he and Livingston (yes that Livingston) when they first meet compare various scar to confirm their robust, masculinity.

    You could have held your own in the conversation with those scars

  4. I have a tickle-related scar my left eyebrow - if you look closely you can see it as a bald spot. When I was about four or five, I had a bed with a chunky hardwood bedhead. One morning or evening (I can't remember which), I was in bed, and my mother dearest was tickling away at me. As you'd expect, I was wiggling and writhing around, right up until the point when my head slammed into the bedhead and split wide open. The lesson - never play with your kids.

  5. My Grandfather used to use use Pipis (or Ugaris) for bait. He'd bust them open with a fishing knife to get at their meaty goodness. I found myself at a fishing venture when he wasn't around (aged 13) and managed to find a Ugari in the sand. I figured I'd use it as bait so I grabbed my fishing knife and lined it up on the rim of the shellfish.

    The thing about a small clam shell is that when you pry open one side the other side goes too. I basically shived myself. I took the clam away and look at the centimetre long hole and it's the most vivid moment where I've even found myself thinking...

    "WOW! That was seriously dumb!"

    ...as common sense rushed back in (along with quite a bit of my precious precious blood)

    Many months afterwards I decided to carefully watch my Grandfather open the shellfish with his knife and figure out how I'd done it wrong. He held the Pipi firmly in his left hand (Check) Raised the knife (Check) then smashed the shell with the hilt of his knife.



  6. Oh yeah, I forgot my most impressive scar.

    It's on the back of my head, covered by a wall of hair.

    It's from where I pulled a trampoline down on my head aged 8. One of the steel bars sliced a 2cm gash through my head, requiring 7 stitches.

    It explains a lot, really.

  7. My main concern is some one will play join the dots with me.

  8. About 6 years now when I was in grade 4, I had a huge crash on my bike, where I fell hands and head first onto the pavement, smearing myself on the cold conrete, at ngiht time. There were no phone around so we couldn't call na ambulance. I was in hospital for almost a week, and frequent visits for the next 2 months for breaking my wrist. But the most you-score-a-gold-medal scar was when I had de-gloved most of my fingers on the concrete - literally taking off all the skin. It's not hard to see that I have the biggest and most body-cringing scars on quite a few of my fingers. I had almost needed an operation on them to repair my poor defenceles fingers. Never again did I go kamazaki on my bike again... -Rose

  9. I had a scar on my forehead, running diagonally from my hairline to my eyebrow. I got this while lying on the sofa, all thanks to the cat bounding down the hallway and using my face as a springboard to get onto the top of the bookshelf. The scar has now all but faded except for in the freakish of lights, which is good, because face scars: not fun.

    Other scars: a dog (that deserves to die) bite on my left wrist. My left thumb verses a brand new Swiss army knife. The inside of my left index finger verses some dickwad with sharp toenails while doing karate. The back of my head verses a brick wall. An operation near my belly.

  10. If you have lots of money, buy Bio-Oil. Rub it in to the scar every night before bed. (Also good for stretch marks, acne scars, and age spots).

    If you don't have lots of money, go to Woolworths and buy a tub of Homebrand skin repair cream. Rub it in to the scar twice a day. (This stuff is also great for sunburn, or as a post-shaving moisturiser).

    In six months, you will see a lot less scar.

    How is the jellyfish faring?

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