Aug 24, 2010


Fellow Blogger users will know it's been slowly but steadily upgrading itself, with improved functions and performance, and better design and user-friendliness. I understand Wordpress has the best reputation as a blogging platform, and the Tumblr format is very popular these days, but I've always liked Blogger, and it's been really enjoyable to watch it change and grow, and work out how to play with/implement some of its newer features.

One of its latest improvements has been an upgraded comments system, to allow you to more easily mark off comments as spam. I'm very lucky - I haven't ever had much of a spam problem. The feature finally appeared on my blog today, and I was able to see that in the six years since I began this blog, I've received  3672 comments.

This averages around four comments per post. How amazing! Every time I write something, on average four people have taken the time to give their opinion about their piece of writing, the topic itself, share a story or just be generally witty and charming.

So hearty, hearty thanks to you, dear commenters. It really makes my day when you write - even if you disagree with me or dislike what I've written! Of course, I deeply appreciate everyone who reads, and I would certainly love to encourage more people to comment (even though I understand it's not for everyone).

I find it hard sometimes to know what to write. Sure, I like to write about things that I'm interested in, or that amuse me, but I also like to be an entertaining read, and take into consideration what people like reading about. So please feel free to leave me suggestions or ideas - all inspiration is welcome.


  1. Well having punted Twunter for Blogger (effectively) I've managed to write precisely one post in the past week, having been busier than a one-legged man in an arse kicking competition. So perhaps I'm not the one to ask...

  2. I like the QLD-ness of your stuff. Ekka, 2nd Gateway Bridge etc. As an ex-pat, I like that stuff.

  3. I shall be commenter No. 4.
    I quite enjoy all the stuff you Blog about. It's interesting, informative, entertaining, and I can't go past the humour and wit you weave through it.
    I've been meaning to start up a Blog of my own, but alas, such as a teenagers life it be, I find it shant be too interesting for the likes of human beings, so I'm just waiting, and lingering in the dark depths of school until I be free to write about interesting things of life outside of school. Pfft, who'd want to hear about a boring day at school?
    Loving all your Blog entries, GC; Keep the fantastic work up!

  4. You mean Chinese Porn Spam Guy has been ignoring you? How incredibly RUDE of him! I wonder how I can bring you to his attention...

  5. Well more commentary on the Wah's zombie action plan would always be welcome.

    But I love reading you stuff, and you never fail to provide an interesting port to read so keep doing what you are doing would be my suggestion.

  6. I'm thinking more breast-centric writing. Perhaps with accompanying breast fashion show pics.

    Just sayin'.

    All kidding aside, I want to say many, many complimentary things here but don't want to come across as more smarmy than I usually do. So I won't. But know that I really love what you do.

    Oh yeah, did I mention the breast-centric thing?


  7. I hope you know that there are many others out there like me who rarely comment, but love reading your blog. Keep up the great work, you never fail to make me giggle!