Sep 21, 2010

#30before30 Links

#30before30 is now in full swing on Brisbane Times! The good people at the paper have now opened up comments on the articles, so I thought I'd provide links here in case readers would like to see how the project is looking in its amazing BT technicolour dreamcoat.

About #30before30

Trapeze Sailing

Street Photography

Eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant

Watch a Porno - this went up yesterday, and I've been told it was the most read article on the site for the day - due, no doubt, to its search-engine friendly title!

Visit an Abattoir - this was something of an impromptu challenge, after I found myself out at the Churchill Abattoir to follow Transport Minister Rachel Nolan on her "Walk a Day" job. I'll repost the article here in a day or so (with extra bonus footage!)

Unfortunately, my #30before30 campaign has been seriously hampered by the lamentable death of my laptop late on Sunday night. I was just finishing the second of two #30before30 articles - of course, they're now trapped somewhere in my decrepit motherboard, and I'm hoping a visit to some sort of computer expert today or tomorrow might help me retrieve them. Otherwise, I'll have to start all over again!

If anybody could help me out with contacts for a life drawing class, or perhaps a shadowy poker or blackjack expert who could teach me about playing the tables, or somebody who knows a Morris dancer, pole dancer or a skateboarding crew - I'd be really grateful. I'm doing my best to organise to do all of these things, but obviously I'm still working and doing everything else I normally do, so leads are most appreciated!


  1. Could you imagine the groans in the party smoko room when Bligh announced the 'walk a day' idea.


    Too bad "Can_Do" wasn't part of it or all you would've heard was, "WOOT, DIBS ON POLICEMAN ... can I play with the siren?".

  2. You ever thought about doing a youtube "tv" parody of 'no particular' state parliament/government that's like a cross between yes prime minister and are you being served with Can_Do like Julian Clarey?.

  3. GC: Shaun King WILL know how you can find a Morris Dancer. He won't be happy that he knows, but he will know.

  4. Oh -- and for pole dancers, email the principal of Outcast Opera, the mob who asked me for a libretto. The lady in question is named Jordin. If you tell her that Dirk Flinthart sent you, I'm sure she'll admit to knowing a number of very respectable pole dancers.

  5. Are you coming to a life drawing class. I'll find out the detail of the next Drawn to life class and pass them along to you, and I might come with also :)

  6. hell I know a few pole dancers also, Including the Jordin that flinthart mentioned, you should drop me a line :)

  7. GC - check your facebook messages for pole dancers and life drawing contacts.

  8. Just reading about a chick that was paralysed pole dancing.

  9. Rastas also knows some Morris Dancers :)