Sep 17, 2010

#30before30 on Brisbane Times

I'm pleased as punch to announce that the #30Before30 project has been taken up by Brisbane Times!

The plan is to post my challenge write-ups first on Brisbane Times, then repost them here a day or so later. If I can, I'll try to post bonus content here as well. I hope this does not inconvenience too many readers!

Special thanks to the tremendously talented and infinitely patient Aurelie of Elysee Photography for taking a great headshot of me in very demanding circumstances (ie, at the Eagle Street Pier in no light).

And thanks to everyone who has been enthusiastic about this project - it's quite daunting, so I really do appreciate your kind words and feedback. I hope I can repay you with entertaining stories.

Don't forget to donate! I'm hoping to raise money for both the Australian Red Cross and Brisbane Arts Theatre; so if you like any or all of the 30Before30 articles, why not consider donating a few dollars? You can do this securely online through the PayPal button in my sidebar. Thank you!


  1. "I hope I can repay you with entertaining stories."

    you all ready have.

  2. HUZZAH!



  3. Congrats GC!

    I wonder how the porn write-up will go down with the paper's public?


  4. Don't count your chickens, Nat. You're not official until you get your first troll.

    But then, it is BT. You should have one by the end of the week.

    Here's a troll tip - put some lime on it.

    Good luck!

  5. Thanks guys! I really appreciate your support. I hope that you people will keep up with the project, post comments, etc. :)

  6. GC it's really good that BT are playing the game on this one. Who knows it could be your big break.