Sep 16, 2010

Party. Birthday Party.

There's going to be some fairly exciting news about the #30Before30 project tomorrow, so do make sure to check back. But until then, please enjoy this:

That's right, I'm having a party. A super-awesome spectacular party. A James Bond-themed fancy dress party. I haven't had a big bash birthday since my 21st, so I'm particularly looking forward to this - and I hope to share it with you!

I know there are people who read this blog who I'm not connected with via email or the various social media networks. If you'd like to come along, please email me (natalie at girlclumsy dot com) for more details about the venue.

Many thanks to Dan for creating the invitation!


  1. I need to dress as henchman #57.

  2. I can dress a "frozen photo on the wall of the lair that becomes a video picture when it goes live #92". I have my own skivvy :)