Nov 17, 2010

"Fists of Fury" Issue 1

ImproMafia's latest season is called Fists of Fury, and it's an action-adventure based on detective pulp noir and 1930s/1940s superheroes/mystery men.

Our first show was last Sunday 14 November, and it was a corker. Watch this video, and you'll understand why!

While no doubt the cast did a sterling job in the show, the above piece of digital genius is the work of several incredibly talented people, who deserve a fair amount of fanning with palm leaves and general adulation:

  • The Wah - show creator and director; who wrote and voiced the episode synopsis
  • Al Caeiro - responsible for the fantastic show photography
  • Dan Beeston - responsible for "comic book-ifying" the photos, adding effects and speech bubbles, and the comic layout
  • Kris Anderson - who composed the music and did the final motion editing

Please feel free to share this video around - we're hoping it will attract people to come and see the show, which runs for the next three Sundays (21 Nov, 28 Nov, 5 Dec). Best of all, it's only $10! I would love to see you there.


  1. Loved the show so much! Definately can't wait to see the others.

  2. No1 was great and, no doubt, the rest of the series will be even better.
    Good to see the team back in action
    The Ancient Man