Jan 5, 2011

The Big Clean-Up

It's been an incredibly busy couple of days: visiting flood-affected homes and businesses; chatting to locals and authorities about the clean up effort; cutting audio; filing stories; taking pictures; and doing phone crosses back to the Brisbane and Sydney stations.

For those interested, I've compiled a photo montage:

The floods have left many residents in Bundaberg with a big challenge ahead of them, but the overwhelming feeling I've encountered is one of resilient optimism. People are simply getting on with it. The local disaster response has seemed well-organised and effective, and I hope it's the same in other parts of Queensland similarly affected by floodwaters.

It's certainly been a great experience to come to Bundaberg, and I can only wish the town and its people all the best in the future. If you'd like to donate to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal, you can do so by clicking here.


  1. hm, I'm so sorry for the flood victims...

  2. Hello theree!

    The BIG flood in Aussie has been the major newspiece in Malaysian news for the past few days. I pray that the flood victims will get the aid they need and get to their normal everyday lives soon.

    The Northern part of M'sia had a HORRIBLE flood a 1 or 2 months back. Now the South is flooded.

    Blame climate change.

    Anyway, good luck with all the relief work. I wish you and Australia the BEST OF LUCK! YOU GUYS CAN DO THIS. WOOHOOO!

  3. Cos you gotta have a montage. Nice work Nat.

  4. I have an uncle who lives in Bundaberg, They were luck, high enough up apparently. BUT JESUS, what a mess. And people sometimes do not understand the damage or forces, that lgr volumes of water have behind them..immensely powerful. I think its possibly also the worst form of natural disaster to clean up from. Good job GC

  5. Never fear! The Bundaberg Rum distillery is ok!