Jan 3, 2011


I rose in Brisbane; tonight I rest in Bundaberg. What an odd 24 hours.

I've been sent here to cover the flood clean-up effort. I drove up; arrived around 5pm; checked into my hotel (my room has a mezzanine level!); set up my equipment; then went out to find people to chat to. I grabbed some delicious Thai from a nearby establishment called "Spicy Tonight" (in fact I chose the mild option for my chicken ginger stir-fry); then settled in for a night in front of the computer cutting up audio and writing stories.

I've not seen much of the town yet, but the floodwaters from the Burnett River have receded, so it looks oddly normal. I'll find out more tomorrow as I head out and attempt to be a Proper Journalist.

Here's a few pics so far:

Rubbish outside the Spinnaker restaurant on Quay St

Lightning crackled in the sky as another
quick storm got ready to strike.

Evidence of inundation along the river.

Ian manages the community pool along the river.
They were lucky and escaped inundation.
And I totally want to play on those inflatable thingies.


  1. Can't wait to see the news report delivered in between squeeals of laughter on the inflatable thingies.

  2. @Barnesm. It would make a nice juxtaposition to the solemness.

  3. Tell the locals that us city folk, ACTUALLY GIVE A SHIT !
    best of luck up there GC & I hope you get some good stories !