Jan 17, 2011

Smart Enough to Know Better

For the past six months now, I've been contributing to the Smart Enough to Know Better podcast, run by The Wah and Dan Beeston.

It's a podcast about science, comedy and ignorance - and it's very good.

If you haven't listened before, I'd suggest starting with this week's Episode 8.0 - in which the boys interview Brisbane's own super author John Birmingham about the science of his world-building, and the technology of writing itself.

There's also comedy sketches, challenges and zombies.

I'd highly recommend hitting up their RSS feed, or subscribing through iTunes.


  1. I just downloaded all their podcasts last night and plan to listen to them while i play WoW

  2. That is a great podcast! Funny, intelligent (at times), creative, sometimes wrong... but always entertaining.