Mar 21, 2011

Fresh Prince

Sunday saw me trek out to the West Moreton Anglican College at Ipswich to cover Prince William's visit.

At various points during the event, I was using one hand to hold a video recorder, one hand to hold an audio recorder, and a mysterious third hand to snap blurry photos and tweet from my mobile phone.

So apologies if this video is rather shaky. But I thought you might appreciate my efforts to try to capture what it was like to try to capture what it was like. Mmm, media meta-humour.

If nothing else, the Prince IS wearing a very nice pair of tan slacks.


  1. Fresh Prince: Bell End

    Sorry that's all I got

  2. It seems quite sad to me that there's such a lack of respect for royalty these days. I understand it, but there's always been something a bit poetic about a royal being treated with more dignity than a celebrity.

    But people make jokes about his buck's night or they engage him is idle chat. But I didn't seem one person bow, nor call him 'My Liege'.

  3. Tom Hanks, Geena Davis and Madonna are doing a movie about three Americans fighting to reinstate the British Monarchy as their head of state. It's called 'A Liege of their Own'

  4. The Wah - Thanks, that got me smiling :)

  5. Can this visiting pom help my neighbour clean up his front yard? The grass is a bit long and he's got rubbish stacked in a corner that could use a bit of attention... would be a productive use of that balding slacker's time.