Apr 12, 2011

Build the Clumsy Playlist

I bought my second Apple product recently - an 8GB iPod Nano. My old mp3 player was just starting to conk out everytime I moved suddenly, and having a MacBook now, I just decided I may as well pip for an iPod.

I was just going to get a Shuffle, but you know what convinced me to go for the Nano?

The inbuilt pedometer function.

Yep, that's right, I'm that easily upsold.

Still, I've been enjoying the pedometer function - realising just how sedentary my job can be, and trying to be a bit more active and get closer to that 10,000 steps per day target I've heard so much about.

Slightly more problematic is the actual MUSIC content of the iPod.

The move to an Apple MacBook computer meant losing all my music - not that it was a particularly huge collection, but still, it was something. The iPod has forced me into the rather scary world of iTunes, but all I've managed is to register for a few podcasts.

My friend Dan very kindly sent me Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster album as a gift, which has been awesome. Have I mentioned before how much I love Lady Gaga? She's fabulous, and I tell you, I get more steps on the pedometer when I'm pounding along listening to a bit of "Ga-ga-ooh-la-la/want your bad romance".

Remember kids, when you get out of the egg,
don't forget to slip, slop, slap.

Dan also sent me a bunch of free songs from the internet, which mostly consisted of Jonathan Coulton numbers and other whimsical parody songs. Apart from that, I've got NO music.

So here's a challenge for you - help me build a music collection.

But... there's a catch (It's GirlClumsy, there's always a catch).

See, I found out that these days, people are all ethical and shit. People actually BUY their music now. I mean, what is this, a new Dark Ages?

Now I simply don't have to sort of moola it would require to buy all of your favourites - or indeed, my own.

So you get ONE song.

Leave a comment, telling me ONE song that I should download - and why. Any genre, any style, any artist, any era. It can be a favourite song of yours, or simply a song you think I would like. Either way, you have to make a call.

I will then buy - yes, BUY - all the songs I get from registered commenters, and write up what I think of each song. I'm afraid I can't accept suggestions from "Anonymous" commenters, because it could be one person making lots of recommendations.



What will it be?


  1. You need a classic.
    Rolling Stones.
    Maybe "Sympathy for the Devil" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Je8MXiwmNIk
    or "Street Fighting Man"

    or "Gimme Shelter"

    Any of those should do it....

  2. This one's easy for me. Holy Grail - Hunters and Collectors.

    So many reasons:
    1. It's a great steady beat for walking to (will get you to 10,000 steps)
    2. Classic lyrics
    3. Aussie Rock
    4. It puts my children to sleep (no joke)
    5. It's only the BEST SONG EVER!!!

  3. Dear Girl Clumsy,

    I suck at this. I could not find anything I wanted you to buy on itunes.

    As a local Improviser, Actor (amongst other things) I would love you to support another local artist.

    I am going to recommend the work of Heidi Millington of My Cerulean Heart (aka DizzyGotheca) and the track "between Horses & Trees" which features on the sound track of the a time lapse video of a bunch of people building a 3m LEGO Windturbine....


    My Cerulean Heart have a lot of songs up on their faceplant page.

    One can download some songs off their website:

    One can purchase CDs at their gigs or from their website.


  4. The Herd's cover of 'I was only 19'. Like Bad Romance, it's a rocking tune for pounding the pavement to.

  5. It's really hard to pick only one!

    I've just popped over to my itunes and looked at '25 most played' songs.

    Out of those I have to pick... *drumrollll*

    Colin Hay - Beautiful World

  6. I need to think about a song to buy, but in the mean time keep an eye on this page: http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/listen/mp3s.htm

    Free legal downloads, sometimes you can stumble on something you wouldn't normally find. :)

  7. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World. Great song and great for getting moving too!

  8. Hurt, by Johnny Cash

    because it gives me chills everytime I hear it.

  9. It came down to a choice between two...

    But I went with "Where is my Mind" by The Pixies.

    Of course, if you want to get "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode, you won't regret it

    Why yes, I dis go through a Goth phase in my youth, why do you ask?

  10. I would go with "I Like The Way" by Darren Hayes. Totally underrated, atmospheric, subtly dark song that masquerades as a underground dance beat. I see gold everywhere in this song.

  11. Paramore - The Only Exception.

    Beautiful, vulnerable, passionate, melodic, fantastic change in the bridge, and it's about love. The only thing that matters.

  12. You'll get all of the usual suspects and a few of mine have already been listed, so it was a choice between ... and the winner,
    Quasimodo's Dream.

  13. Get both Jaydiohead albums. They're free (http://www.maxtannone.com/projects/jaydiohead/) so you can go the whole thing without having to pay for it which is nice.

    If you're really stuck on only 1 song, get No Karma.

  14. "got a thing on my mind" by sharon jones & the dap-kings.

    because it always makes me want to get up and dance :-)

  15. I thought I posted, but maybe I failed and posted somewhere else. hmmm.
    Cuscutlan - Frente.
    Love it to death.


  16. The Charlie Sheen Dub Step... I keed!

    I'm currently in the middle of the 30 Day song challenge, so I am immersed in (mostly) brilliant music. My current obsession is Death Cab For Cutie - Ben Gibbard writes some of the most amazingly visual and beauty narratives.

    I'm going to go with my gut and offer up "We Looked Like Giants" from waaay back in 2003, although there has been a wealth of gold since then.

    PS I concur with all of the above - your followers have excellent taste in music, and are all so good looking!

  17. I would have to suggest Pink "Fucking Perfect".

    It's a powerful and moving song. I message of what shouldn't be, but also of how things can change and become brighter for the future.

  18. So I'm rummaging through my collection trying to find something that you might listen to a second time. I've been trying to figure out what songs I know you like.

    Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce. Powerful female pop. Something you can dance to.

    So I wondered through looking for something that would fit the bill and I discovered a horrible chauvinism in my musical selection. I have twenty songs by men for every one by a woman in my collection. It's scary just how biased my selections are. Possibly I select music based on if I can sing along to it so that would make some sense, but it really is quite scary.

    Okay, How about novelty songs? Weird Al. etc.
    Well, I find you only really enjoy a novelty song the first time you hear it. ie. When it's novel. I've got a couple of funny songs in there but I'd rather something that would strike a chord rather that simply tickle your funny bone.

    I know you liked 'Flagpole Sitter' by Harvey Danger and I think you enjoy a certain sense of celebrating weakness, Girl Clumsy. But then you don't like happy sounding songs about sad subjects. I could accidentally break your heart.


    Okay. I know you like to dance along to stuff in your lounge room so I'm going to select the song that makes me dance more than any other.

    Fatboy Slim's Renegade Master (Old Skool Edit)

    @michael Good choice. One of my favourite's too.

  19. Table for One by Passenger.

    A defiantly sad song with a wonderful beat.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. The Black Crowe's "She talks to angels". The only "why" I can give is that it's my favorite. I don't generally like this genre of music, but I think it's beautiful.

  22. Rebecca Black's Friday. I say this only because it's been jammed on repeat play in my brain for a week, to the point where I'm having dreams about it, and I think it's time to share the pain.

    (Oh - it's partially @dnabeast's and @thewah's fault. Listened to SE2KB 10.5 yesterday; when they started talking about Pi day, I could clearly hear a "Pi day" parody come out. Arrgh.)

  23. I'm going to recommend something no-one else will, because my taste in music is frankly bizarre and weirdly niche while at the same time not being at all cool. Anyway. If you ever want a song that will put you in a good mood, this is it. "I Feel Lucky" by Mary Chapin Carpenter. It's on iTunes.

  24. "How hard can it be?" I asked myself, 1 song, too easy. Well no, so after thinking about, They Might be Giants, Darren Hanlon, You am I, Rolling Stones, Jeff Buckley Blah blah blah my suggestion is a smomething that you can exercise to as well as having a little sing along as well - The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You. Enjoy

  25. Wear Sunscreen. That is all.

  26. I Ate Your Horse by Anal****

    That's right, I had to censor the SECOND half of that word.

  27. This immediately got that RENT song stuck in my head, "One song, glory. One song, before I die. One song..." No? DAMN, now I'm going to be sitting is meetings quietly singing away in my head... Curse you GirlClumsy!
    Oh, right, the challenge.
    Easy done, I go to my '25 Most Played' playlists, skip to #1, and drumroll please...
    Broken Angel by Boyce Avenue
    Why do I listen to this song obsessively you ask? His voice is amazing and raw. The lyrics are gorgeous and it's just one of those songs you can play a hundred times and you feel something every time you hear it :)

  28. You need some Annie Lennox FO SHO!!!

    "why" or "sweet dreams" or "broken glass"

    DO IT!!!


  29. Talking Heads - Life During Wartime.

    Very catchy, fun to bop along to. The live version (on 1983's "Stop Making Sense" concert recording) is great too, everyone looks like they've having a good time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsksSWOxq2Y

  30. And now for something completely different!

    Korpiklaani - Lonkkaluut

    because it is awsome and I love it :)

  31. The Funeral by Band Of Horses.
    I first heard it in the movie 127 Hours and fell in love. It's a really beautiful song and the singer has an amazing voice. One of my favourite songs.

  32. Whitehouse - Wriggle Like a Fucking Eel

  33. El Scorcho by Weezer.

  34. I've started this comment about 5 times now, each time with a different song. I'm going to have to go with Babies by Pulp, because Jarvis Cocker is awesome. Like, really, really awesome.

    Now I've changed my mind again. Quick, self, post this comment!

  35. I wasn't going to burden you more financially by recommending a song, but I can't stand idly by when someone's nominated a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song but there is nary a sign of an original Trent Reznor number (even if Cash's Hurt is *nearly* as good as the original).

    So I could suggest an awesome well-known NIN song that you won't like, like March of the Pigs or Closer, or something more obscure but still entirely awesome that you won't like either, like Somewhat Damaged or The Day the World Went Away. Instead, I recommend something with a beat you can dance to that you might like: The Hand That Feeds. Quake before Trent Reznor's one syllable rhymes!

  36. Bette Midler's recording of "Miss Otis Regrets" from the album Some People's Lives
    I resisted the urge to suggest any pure Musical Theatre for you... this is a great blend of the golden musical genre and brassy jazz, performed by the best! Enjoy

  37. If we ignore the Whitehouse 'selection,' I think you'd really enjoy -

    'Swimming Pool' by Catcall

    There's many remixes, and the original and best version seems to have been purged from Youtube, but you can get it on iTunes as the "Gloves Original Mix"

  38. Well no one else will be recommending any Australian hip hop I'll say nosebleed section by hilltop hoods.

  39. "Positive Song" by The Barleyshakes. They are based on the Sunshine Coast and lovely people to boot. The song makes me smile. Its a fair bit different to all the other suggestions too... (not sure if that is good or bad)

  40. For a bit of fun, try Katzenjammers' "Le Pop".

  41. Wooo

  42. This was hard for me because I am such a music nut with an eclectic taste. When people ask questions like this, my instinct is to recommend dozens of songs, all for very good reasons, be it a driving complex base line or particularly brilliant lyrics, or simply compelling vocals. Songs like Cold Chisel's "Letter To Alan", an open, typically oracular angry dirge for a lost mate of theirs, or "Telegraph Road" by Dire Straits, an opus that contains the essence of the study of urban geography and temporal development as well as the singularly brilliant line "...as I run every red light on memory lane...", or Domino parts 1 & 2 from Genesis, a brilliant exposition of latter days progressive rock.

    But, to keep it simple and pleasant, I have decided to recommend "Can't Find My Way Home" by Blind Faith, or by Traffic, or by any other combination of artists tha Steve Winwood, who wrote it, was a part of. And my reason is simply that it is the most perfectly formed Blues song I have ever heard and I could listen to it all day long.

  43. Must haves:

    "Stormy Weather"-Billie Holiday

    "Redemption Song"-Bob Marley or even the Chris Cornell cover which is pretty amazing

    "Thank You"-Led Zeppelin-one of the greatest songs ever penned

  44. Britney Spears - Til the end of the world

    You'll love it. It's so upbeat. And I hated her previous 2 albums but I actually LIKE her new album. It's SICK!


  45. Inspired by (your presume GH) Dan, 3 Powerful Female Acts:

    Heart: pre-1980 even though it's all good, Honorable mention* Dog & Butterfly.

    Nina Simone: A haunting love, Wild is the Wind; Puppy Love, My baby cares for me; Getting THAT call on date-night, Feeling Good

    Joni Mitchell: A case of you

    To recommend 1 song is impossible so, go with the one you've never heard of...

  46. Um, sorry, what does "Presume GH" mean?!?!

    I really have to insist that people choose just ONE song - I'm already up to about $100 in iTunes fees, so please do try to nail it down!

    I realise it's a difficult choice, but that is part of the challenge. :)

    Thank you all so much for participating!

  47. It's a massive call to try and pick just ONE... but in the interests of your wallet, it simply must be 'I Know What I Am' by Band of Skulls.

    I challenge you not to rock out a little bit, every time you listen to it. Even if it's just the air kick-drum.

  48. Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven
    Because it's been covered by everyone and their dog and never been improved on
    The Ancient Man

  49. And because any playlist without Pink Floyd is incomplete
    Shine on you Crazy Diamond
    The Ancient Man

  50. One of my favourite new(ish) artists is Justin Townes Earle.

    You should check out his song Harlem River Blues from the album of the same name.

    Super, super awesome!


  51. No playlist could be complete, or at the very least respectable, without a little Jeff Buckley.

    May I suggest his cover of Bob Dylan's Mama You've Been On my Mind... Sublime, and sorta doing the two birds-one stone thing.

  52. Hey! I don't really do music either. Too freaky.

    But the one that popped into my head is "Always Something there to remind me" by Naked Eyes.

    I loved this when I was at school.

  53. Can't see any gothic rock in the above...actually, I didn't even read em all, call it an educated guess... so I reckon you really should check out this Nightwish classic from the album Once :

  54. A lot of uber-cool alternative selections here. If you just want to bounce around the living room (office/bathroom/backyard)to a rockin' good song (even if it is - *gasp* - 'popular')...

    "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet

    Seriously, once you hear it you'll want more more more. Then you'll be listening to Chisel, and Mondo Rock and OMG, Triple M's Cold 30 of an evening!

    Love your blog - it's the blog I'd want to be if I were a blog.

  55. Madonna - Vogue. This song set the tone for 90s pop. Plus it's Madonna.

    Also anything by Kate Miller-Heidke. I highly recommend her song about facebook.

  56. Hallelujiah - by K.D Lang

    She's one of the most amazing singers and her rendition of this song is just stunningly excellent - I love it.

  57. Thinking up one great song is far too difficult of a task for me to bother myself with at this moment. Instead I'll recommend nine free albums from one of my favorite artists.

    Josh Woodward:

    He's a great artist and he releases all of his music 100% free on the internet. You can also donate whatever amount of money you want to get physical CDs or songs in the lossless FLAC format if you really enjoy them.

    I don't expect you to do write-ups of all, or any, of these songs, but I thought it might help to fill the void in your music collection without emptying your wallet.

  58. I'm going To suggest 'Black Dog' by Andy Bull. It is one of my favorite songs at the moment and, unlike the others, I think you will like it.