Apr 19, 2011

Clumsy Playlist #1

The trouble with harebrained schemes is that they occur to me. Often. And generally they prove to be exactly what they say on the packaging.

The response to my call for music suggestions was brilliant. Thank you all so much. The only problem is, even taking out the Anonymous comments, and those containing multiple songs - I'm facing over $120 in iTunes fees.

I'm sure to the hardcore music fans $120 is but a drop in the ocean. Unfortunately the pre-Easter bill oscillation has brought on something of a cashflow El Nino, so I'm going to have to restructure the rules a teensy bit.

I know, I know. I wrote something on the internet that turned out to be an untruth. I'm disappointed in myself as well. But we battle on.

I'm going to YouTube the songs you've suggested, and then decide whether they're up my musical alley or not. I also had a suggestion from the always charming Beeso that I write my reviews in 140 characters or less, Twitter-style. Considering the number of tunes to get through, that sounds like it might be a wise idea for me, and less of a grinding pain in the ass for you, dear readers.

So let's get started.

Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones
Suggested by Monster Yuppy

Always my fave along with Paint it Black. Whoop-whoop. Happy to get. Fun fact: my shy Mum went to RS concerts in London in miniskirts.

The Holy Grail - Hunters & Collectors
Suggested by Mrs Salmon

Top Aussie rock song. A welcome addition. Fun fact: Sang this loudly while drinking mocktails in a Greek club with other expats. YASSOU.

Between Horses and Trees - My Cerulean Heart
Suggested by Rowan Carbon Counter

Spacy & ethereal. Reminded me of Bjork for some reason. Not what I'd normally think of, but improved on 2nd listen. Will track down somehow.

Africa - Toto
Suggested by Disco Stu


This picture is everything that is right with the world.

Only 19 - The Herd
Suggested by Redpene

Beeso reckoned no one else would suggest Aussie hiphop. This is Aussie hiphop, isn't it? Whatever, I've always liked it. Nice one, Redpene.

Beautiful World - Colin Hay
Suggested by Bec

This tips from sweet to saccharine for me I'm afraid. Think it's the lyrics. Maybe I'm just full of rage. But don't think I'd listen often.

The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
Suggested by Kate

Whatever happened to JEW? Oh dear, unfortunate acronym. Still, LOVE this song. Great kicking guitar with inspiring lyrics for me. Yes.

Hurt - Johnny Cash
Suggested by Barnesm

Simple but poignant cover version by Cash just before he died. Beautifully sad. Will definitely get, but will avoid when I'm feeling down.

Where is my Mind? - The Pixies
Suggested by The Wah

A song I loved before I really knew what it was. Brilliant riff & I adore the haunting choral backing. Wah is good, Wah is wise.

I Like the Way - Darren Hayes
Suggested by Tiara the Merch Girl

A good backing beat, but I've mixed feelings about the lyrics. And frankly, I got a bit bored by the end of it. Don't think I'd re-listen.

The Only Exception - Paramore
Suggested by KellyHD

Kinda wanna hate it. Not even sure how often I'd listen. But I think I'm a sucker. God damnit now I'm teary. MY FLINTY HEART IS SPONGE.

Quasimodo's Dream - The Reels
Suggested by Therbs

Oh Therbs, I'm sorry. It was like experimental xylophone hour. Maybe good as background, but just can't see myself listening much.

No Karma - Jaydiohead
Suggested by Geoff

Is this more rap or hiphop rock? I'm bad with genres. But I do like this one. Simple tune & great lyrics that make me want to learn them!

Got a Thing on My Mind - Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings
Suggested by Lalalian

Brassy, sassy - I think I like it. Was worried I was going to be bored, but then it ended. Also, I've been weakened. It gets in.

That will have to do for now. 11 songs on the download list, by my count. Stay... *ahem*.... tuned...


  1. These are great CG, smiling and nodding along with many of your comments. Why is it the less than positive ones that make me laugh out loud. Does that make me a bad person.

    "It was like experimental xylophone hour...

    "Maybe I'm just full of rage...

    looking forward to reading more of these

  2. Might I suggest asking for donations towards this worthy cause? I am 100% behind helping to fund the Girl Clumsy playlist!

  3. Might I suggest that, as you are previewing songs on YouTube, that you compare J.C.'s Hurt to the original? You may be one of those who prefers the NIN version.