Jul 18, 2011

Oh, Rebekah

Because sometimes commentary on current issues can only be made by writing new lyrics to 1980s pop power ballads.

To the tune of Vienna, by Ultravox.

It's been quite an affair
Teenage death was a crying shame
Lying and faking
The News hacking phones, now you're in the frame
Sadistic and so cruel
My choice as a fave has to say goodbye
Just stay with me until...

The police have come for you and not I
They're not f**king with me
They're not f**ing with me
Oh, Rebekah

The public is grieving
At our throats, saying nasty things
Colossus is falling
We'll try to revamp, but the shit still clings
The fools want us silenced
Disaster's at hand, there's no chance at Sky
It's futile resistance...

The Guardian and Hugh Grant can f**k off and die
They've been f**king with me
F**k them f***king with me
Oh, Rebekah


  1. Good heavens you are in a mood
    The Ancient Man

  2. Stick to your day job...oh wait...