Aug 6, 2011

Agatha Holmes Ahoy!

Egads! It's been over a week since I posted an entry here at

I should really say "It's been over a week since I blogged", but something about the word "blogged" still seems to evoke an unfortunate bowel movement or a gardening mishap.

The week has been extraordinarily busy, covering state parliament at work, and rehearsing and preparing for  Agatha Holmes Ahoy! - ImproMafia's latest season at the Brisbane Arts Theatre.

This is a murder mystery comedy set on the high seas, in which the audience determines the murderer by ballot every night. We also use their suggestions for the murder weapon and a tell-tale clue, and it's up to Britain's sharpest detective mind to solve the whodunnit.

Here's a clip from our opening night on Thursday - "The Reason for the Rhyme". This gives you a good idea of what an insanely brilliant (or possibly just insane) sleuth Agatha Holmes is.

I play Lady Augusta Wellesley, an ice-cold socialite of aristocratic heritage with a tongue sharper than her great-great-uncle Arthur's battle sword. She's a lot of fun to portray - and hell, who doesn't love dressing up?

Picture courtesy of the brilliant Kris Anderson.

I do hope those of you living in or near Brisbane will come and check out the show - we're playing until Saturday 13 August.

Now! Right here - RIGHT HERE at this point in this post, I had begun a rumination about social media, and  reflections on my current involvement with it.

But, since I signed up for Google Plus, I can tell you my online life has become hell. My Blogger login is the same as Google Plus, but that is separate to my domain and main email. So I cannot use both at the same time. This is supremely frustrating, and doesn't seem to have a fix that I can understand (I admit to not being very good with computers).

The issue is that there also appears to be errors with Blogger's new publishing system - I saved the post repeatedly, but when I hit publish, nothing happened. When I reset the page, it had only saved the beginning of my post. This is supremely frustrating. Yes, it's a lesson for me to write in Word first, but still. When you hit "Publish", your post should publish. Shouldn't it?

Blogger has served me really well since I began this site in 2004. I have also been a strong supporter of Google. But currently, I'm bamboozled. I'm not sure what else to do - I don't particularly want to move to Wordpress or another platform. But I have been thinking of giving the site a spruce up for a while, so maybe it's time to examine my options.

Any advice/hints very welcome! I'll try to recompose my social media post in coming days and put it up separately for discussion.


  1. download another browser - I use Chrome and Firefox - log in under one identity on one and use the other browser as the other 'you' - simple!

  2. You look amazing in that get-up! I think you should take it for a spin on a night out!
    Sadly no advice on blog platforms. Ever since the boy started his own blog on wordpress I've been tempted to switch - I just think there are much nicer templates, and better control of type etc. BUT it would be a shame to have to start anew. So I kinda feel your pain (been blogging nowhere near as long as you though).

  3. Lol i Love the bowel movement bit, so your an actress I want to act but its so hard to get an acting job in the U.S there are so many scams. Nice blog :)

  4. I agree with @monkeyboyzmum
    You should definitely consider another browser. Firefox is what I'd recommend, I find chrome a bit too slow and cumbersome for my tastes.
    Please keep posting. Your blog is refreshing. Im caught between laughing my heart out and wondering what on earth Ive stumbled into

  5. Hi guys!

    Thanks for your comments. I've had that suggestion now of a second browser from a few people, including your good selves.

    I already use Firefox when I do up our theatre newsletter - the website won't operate in Chrome. I find it a really cumbersome process to flick back and forth between the two.

    I guess it's a workaround and I'll probably have to give it a try - but still - I just thought Google would have THOUGHT about that issue. If Google's all about simplifying the web, why have they wound up making it harder for for people using several of their products already?!?!?

    Ranty rantface. :)