Aug 11, 2011

Fun with a Harpsichord

Agatha Holmes Ahoy! enters its final week tonight. We have three more shows in this incredibly fun and stoically British murder mystery comedy, set on the high seas.

Last Saturday night saw the death of a regular character - SS Snobbington leisure manager and all around snivelling toady Antony Thatcher. It was a surprise for everyone, but not necessarily in a bad way. In the video, you'll see the cast's hymn of "mourning", as well as Agatha Holmes' unique method of playing the harpsichord.

Our wonderful musician Kris Anderson supplies the notes for the harpsichord, making us all look much more musically competent than we are.

Kris also takes amazing photographs, and I wanted to share this particularly spectacular one:

The show plays Thursday 11 August, Friday 12 August and Saturday 13 August. Tickets are $17 adults and $12 concession. The Brisbane Arts Theatre is 210 Petrie Terrace, and the show starts at 8pm!