Aug 23, 2011

Playing the Goat

I didn't get a chance to upload this last week, after popping in and out of the Ekka a few times for work purposes. The petting zoo is always my favourite.


  1. Oh man I love goats! Especially baby goats!

  2. I am the child of goat-breeders. You will note I didn't say "kid" of goat-breeders as that would have been too naff, even for me.

    I have fond memories of attending the local Show on every one of its three days because our young goats were featured in the Animal Nursery. Pretty little things they were too - especially the Angoras and Anglo Nubians.

    We hand reared them and they were treated as pets. It didn't pay to get too close to them though because they kept trying to lick your hair. Eewww.