Oct 16, 2011

Cocktober Results!

I'm very pleased (and grateful!) to announce that Cocktober exceeded all expectations.

There was some frenzied bidding around the $100 mark; but dark horse Drej came in at the last minute with $120 to nab the highest bid. The second-highest went to Alan with $110. So they will be naming the two giant penis costumes in How To Be A Man.

In a twist, the always-impressive Rhino - who'd been right up there until being pipped at the very end - has graciously agreed to transfer his bid offer of $100 to our cockroach costume.

So altogether that's $330 raised to cover production costs!

Thanks to all winners, and to everyone who bid.

Production work is progressing well. There's a certain sense of familiarity, of "coming home" doing this show - mostly due to working with brilliant people who make me laugh. There's also a certain style that we established with Felafel and Tassie Babes, and it's wonderful to see HTBAM growing and following in those footsteps. However, there's always the challenge of inventing, creating, and being more ambitious than ever before. I'm cognisant that many audience members will not have seen the previous two shows, so it's important to me that while HTBAM is part of that legacy, it's able to stand alone as an enjoyable experience.

Here's a teaser photograph taken from our rehearsal today by Joanna, my amazing stage manager/production assistant/maker of wonderful cakes/all round super efficient 2IC:

Hopefully soon I'll be able to shoot some promotional viral videos for you all - revealing names of our giant penis costumes!


  1. What is the best way to get the funds to you?

  2. HTBAM? You're turning How To Be A Man into a stage production?

    You may colour me bemused. Which version? The first, Birmingham-only - or the second, with a co-writer?

  3. God Damn it, I got trumped.
    I was so hoping to have a penis named after me for a change.... I am the one usually called a penis.
    Anyway, best of luck to all the cast & crew of HTBAM !

    And Flinthart, you HAVE to come up & see it !

  4. Dirk, am chasing your email - could you DM your address via twitter to @SimonBedak or perhaps give me a call? ChazFH, MonsterYuppy or JB have my number - prefer not to publish it in cyberspace. cheers, Bedes