Apr 18, 2012

WTF? New Clumsy!

Welcome to the refreshed, rejuvenated, revived and renaissance-d Girl Clumsy HQ.

For several months now, I have been working diligently with the divine Ms Sharon Carpenter, Esquire-ess, Supplier of Fine Boutique Websites for the Distinguished and World Domination-Inclined.

This week, Ms Carpenter and I have been holed up in her three-storey underground eco-lair near the Melbourne seaside, emerging only to restock the lair's supply of flavoured sparkling mineral water and scare pelicans off the satellite dish.

I have been struggling with a cold, and have been pepped up with a pseudoephedrine supply that would impress even Gold Coast policemen. So really, it is the divine Ms Carpenter who deserves all the credit for building the entire thing. There was a brief delay while she had to derail some sort of North Korean satellite project, I'm not sure, she doesn't tell me the details, just gets this steely look of determination on her face and says things like "I took out your Dad, I can get you too, Jong-un".

But that's OK, I spent the time picking out pretty colours and saying useful things like "Umm... can I
have one of those things that, like, scrolls through different images, and stuff?"

And voila! Ms Carpenter has delivered her payload. At least, that's what the UN warrant nailed to the
postbox that doubles as the eco-lair's ancillary entrance says.

I hope you all enjoy having a look around the new site; there will no doubt be a few tweaks to come, as Ms Carpenter lets me loose on the back end of things, I break it, and she subsequently has to clean up the mess, muttering something about the Taliban being more tech-savvy than me.

While you're here, why not be reminded that there is a spectacular ImproMafia show this Saturday 21 April at the Brisbane Arts Theatre.  The show is called Prognosis: Death! Big House, and it's a schlock medical comedy (prison) riot. I will be in it, getting covered in fake blood and gore and all manner of delightful things.

It's a really fun show, and I've love to get a big crowd. Tickets are just $12, and you can grab them at the door, or get them online now.

Please let me know what you think of the new design, and if you encounter any problems. And I should point out that the devine Ms Carpenter is available for hire at incredibly reasonable rates, payable via the highly convenient method of a network of untraceable, double encrypted Swiss bank accounts.