Aug 2, 2012

Critical Hit: Map of Ages

One of the lovely things about ImproMafia seasons is building a bit of mythos.

With our latest show, Critical Hit, we're developing a fantasy map to rival Game of Thrones.

Each of these locations has been created based on audience suggestions, and has been illustrated every night by the wonderful Paul from Ace Comics & Games.

I love it because it's quite difficult to create fantasy worlds on the spot, where our only set piece is a giant twenty-sided die (I'm not kidding).

So creating the Map of Ages (which is a name I just made up), is a great way of tracking the show's progress, and capturing forever some of the memorable audience offers we've been given.

We have three more shows to go at the Brisbane Arts Theatre, starting tonight! You can book online, and it's only $17/$15 entry.

And finally, here's some pictures of our intrepid leading characters, taken by the always excellent Kris Anderson.

Melcor the Magnificent: A Wizard

Ky, of the Once Eternal Wastelands: A Fighter

The Nameless: A Thief
As always, if you're in Brisbane, I'd love to see you there! Remember to check out our map.


  1. Wow, great work on the portraits by Kris. Really evocative and full of character.

  2. I wish I could go things like this,but living in the suburbs,not having a job& a wife not big on nerdly things (except me :) ) means it just doesn't happen.

    Looks really good though.

  3. Was great to meet you at CH yesterday; as said on the night the show was fantastically fun and the players really brought a funny _and_ emotionally charged show together. Great ending for the night and I still say your singing fitted the moment in the show brilliantly.