Aug 11, 2012

Critically awesome

I wanted to share some wonderful pictures with you, courtesy of Kris Anderson.

After each performance of Critical Hit, Kris would ask for our performers to stay back after the show had finished, and let him take pictures of them in costume, and in different poses.

He was planning something, but none of us were exactly sure what.

A few days ago, he finished his secret project - which was to turn our fun improvised comedy show into something altogether more epic.

It's just amazing, isn't it? You can see our "real life" players just off to the right of centre, with the Games Master Billy (in the green shirt). Behind them are their characters: Nameless, the thief; Ky the warrior; and Melcor the wizard. To the left is an array of other characters that featured throughout the season. In the background, you can see the outline of part of the Critical Hit Map of Ages, that grew each night as we explored a different part of the world.

Impro is such a transient thing; it's lovely to be able to have images like this to really remind oneself - yeah, that was a thing I did. We're even looking at getting prints done, which will be lovely.

Next up from ImproMafia is our take on the classic 1001 Nights. All of our shows this year have had key images, featuring one of our performers. For this one, I got to dress up in genie pants and veil to portray the story-teller Scheherazade. Kris, in a creative masterstroke, decided to do some composite moon work, boost some colours, and so:

An Arabian Night will be Sunday 2 September, 7:30pm at the Brisbane Arts Theatre. Tickets $12, and you can grab them at the door. 

And while I'm talking all things BAT - make sure you head up there to see The Body Snatcher, a spine-tingling gothic thriller directed by the one and only Wah.

You can also head over to Facebook and like Kris Anderson's photography page.


  1. I would buy a print of the Critical Hit poster.

  2. That's a beautifully composed shot of you backlit by the moon. Interestingly enough it isn't the one that comes up when you type girl clumsy into search google images. One of the first images that comes up is the cute one of you asleep on your arms on the bus.