Oct 8, 2012


I made this little video of the Smart Enough to Know Better ExpoSE event - aka, the giant zombie Nerf battle. I'm pretty impressed with my movie editing skills, but more impressive really is the performance of the little camera on the iphone 4S.

It was a super fun day out. Running around with big Nerf guns, I felt just like a proper hardcore, super-cool, zombie-fighting ninja gun-slinger. The photographic evidence, however, suggests otherwise:

Forget planking. The new craze is Flailing.
Thanks to @vonmuz for the picture.

It was a great way to recover after ImproMafia's big Theatresports Grand Championships the night before. Victoria was the eventual winning state, but it was a sensational night all round, and the New South Wales, ACT and of course Queensland teams also shone.

Photo thanks to Images by Anderson.

I love a bit of audience banter as an MC, and for some reason I developed this habit of being a bit sexually inappropriate with audience members. Normally I proffer clumsy compliments and feeble attempts at pick-up lines. Normally it's received with a tolerant giggle or two; but on Saturday night, two blokes in the very front vanished at interval! Granted, I had described one of them as a Karl Stefanovic lookalike in a tablecloth shirt, but surely he saw that for the high praise it really was? Apparently not. Anyway, at the very least it provided a good laugh for the crowd as my ego took a battering.

Thanks to everyone involved in both events for all their hard work and enthusiasm!


  1. So envious I missed the zombie nerf hunt.

  2. Even if you hadn't have made this post, I'm pretty sure they'll consider you as the prime suspect if that dog ever goes missing again.

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