Oct 5, 2012

Bond 50

Today marks 50 years since Dr No was released in cinemas, beginning the best movie franchise ever. Yeah, I'm biased, I realise that. There's something about James Bond that you just don't get in Star Wars or Indiana Jones...

What, no Walther PPK at the gun show?

Despite having not technically officially started work for them yet, I pitched to Brisbane Times earlier this week that I put together a retrospective of 50 classic moments from the James Bond movies. Happily, they went for it, and you can check out my list here. I'm eager to find out what people think I may have missed.

Meanwhile - are you in Brisbane and looking for things to do this weekend? Because I have suggestions. Good suggestions.

Tomorrow night (Saturday 6 October) is the Theatresports Grand Championships at the Judith Wright Centre in Fortitude Valley. Teams from Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra are flying in to take on our own Brisbane team.

I'm hosting the show, and couldn't be more excited. This morning, ImproMafia's own Amy, Dave and Tristan went on Spencer Howson's 612 ABC breakfast show and serenaded a listener live on-air, all off the cuff! You can hear how awesome they were here.

Then you should race over to the Judith Wright website and grab your tickets for the event. I promise I'll treat you nicely.

And to wrap up your week-end, what could be more fun than a brutal Sunday morning NERF battle royale? The Smart Enough to Know Better boys are hosting their own fun day this Sunday 7 October. It's called ExpoSE, and anyone's welcome to come along for the epic zombie NERF hunt. I'd bring NERF, if I were you. Did I mention there will be NERF? Find out more information here.

Phew! A big list of things to do and people to see. Enjoy your weekend, whatever you get up to.


  1. Maybe not enough of the classic explosions but very good

  2. I haven't enjoyed a Bond movie since the Brosnan days, he is also my favourite Bond. I can't buy Daniel Craig as 007, it just does not work for me.