Nov 9, 2012

Remember November: Don't Do Stuff

I'm heading to mega geek-fest Supanova this weekend, on assignment for Brisbane Times.

I *may* be going dressed as She-Ra, Princess of Power. You know, for work.

Anyway, I've been doing some research, which happily means watching old 80s cartoons. Which also happily means coming across sensational 80s anti-drug messages tacked onto the end of old 80s cartoons.

Check out the end of this particular episode of She-Ra (in which the intrepid heroine was forced to work with arch-enemy Hordak to escape the Dark Dimension, in case you were interested). You're going to have to skip ahead to the six minute mark, but you'll be rewarded with a small furry creature emerging from behind a rock to warn young kiddies against using non-specified - but no doubt highly dangerous - drugs:

I have only vague memories of these incessantly cheery "Hey kids! Don't do drugs!" messages. Possibly because I was in my late 20s before I could actually name three different types of "drugs". (Does Nurofen count?!?)

But it sent me off on a stroll down "Don't Do Stuff" memory lane, courtesy of all those brilliant people over recent years who've dug out their old Beta videos and uploaded shows, ads and more, allowing us to remember the televisual delights of our past in all their cringeworthy glory.

Here's a fun example, from right here in Queensland. Make sure you watch until the very end...


I don't know about you, but when I come across videos like that I just want to reach back in time, ruffle the 80s' hair and mumble "Whosa-woosa-widdle-wacist-then-hmmm? You are! You are!"

Anybody else have any examples of helpful public awareness advertising? Throw your links in the comments.


  1. Life. Be In It
    He says as he sits at his computer on a Saturday morning, having forgotten SupaNova was on

  2. The cheesy G I Joe cartoons with Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

  3. Captain Planet was basically one big environmental PSA from start to finish, and then would end with an actual PSA in case the whole "don't screw up the Earth" message hadn't sunk in.

    There was a few environmental shows around in the early 90s. I remember Widget the World Watcher was another one with a pro-environment theme. They'd be slammed as propaganda today by people who think climate change is a myth made up by scientists for some undefined nefarious purpose.

  4. Oh yeah, Captain Planet! I'd forgotten how righteous the tone of that show was.

    I remember Widget the World Watcher as a name, but can't recall if I ever watched it. Gee, we loved the environment back in the 90s. I wonder what happened?

    I remember the Life. Be in it. ads quite well - but I don't think I watched much G.I. Joe! :)