Dec 27, 2012


I can't remember exactly why the phrase 'Battle Pig' entered my mind, but I know I was mucking about with my mate Dazzler, who I tease relentlessly about his workout schedule.

See, even right then, there was no need for me to mention the fact that Dazzler loves his gym like a drowning alcoholic loves an oxygen cocktail.

But he *is* Dazzler and he *does* like to pump iron, so it must be mentioned.

Dazzler and I were spitballing on some other topic when the phrase 'Battle Pig' arose.

I just loved the mental picture of a really cute, bubblegum pink porker, wearing an army helmet and carrying a gun. It soon progressed from 'Battle Pig' to 'BATTLE PIG' to 'BATTLE PIG!'.

Problem is, I can't draw, so it took a while before I could corner some artists, thrust paper and pencil into their hands, and demand they bring BATTLE PIG! to cartoony life.

But now, here he is, in all his majesty:

Thanks to my friends Paul (drawing) and Dan (colouring) for donating their skills.

Now I think BATTLE PIG! needs to have his own comic. Or a meme. Or at the very least, some high quality puns. Feel free to add your own suggestions, create your own situational artwork for BATTLE PIG!, make tribute films, etc etc. Let's make BATTLE PIG! the new bee's knees.

I hope you all had a great Christmas, and I wish you a happy, BATTLE PIG!-y 2013



    Thats a great idea.

  2. He can team up with Cows with Guns and Chickens in Choppers.

    Inglourious Pork

    The Pork Locker

    The War Pig

    Act of Bacon

    Dr Strangepork or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bacon.

    Legends of the Bacon

    Joyeux Bacon

  3. Our boys in pink, off to Germany to take care of 'Awolf Hitler'.

  4. The Good, The Bad & The Bacon
    Das Bacon
    Starship Rashers

    I would have posted earlier but been wracking my brain and google trying to remember an old NES (?) game that involved a battle pig - I think but can't turn up anything.

  5. Interestingly I can see your post about 'Test blog post using Blogsy' on my google reader. The Photos and video came out fine, (cute hat BTW) but when I click on the title it takes me to your webpage but with the caption 'Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist'.


  6. Bridge on the River Sty

  7. I should also mention 'The Green Boarets' and those Australian War Classics, 'Bacon Morant' and 'The Odd, Angry Shoat'.

  8. Hogs of war was a video game on the PS1, a kind of 3d worms clone that was huge fun. Voiced by Rik "young ones' Mayall
    Have a game intro with war pigs

    Michael Fitzhywel