Feb 9, 2013

Clotheshorse #1

The February diet/fashion/clothes-wearing/whatever challenge is proving interesting.

There has been no weight loss, and no discernable upping of exercise levels. But we carry on, stiff upper lip, chin chin and all that.

Here are some photographs from the week that was:

A peplum dress. This is about as peplum as
I'll go. The peplum craze has gone too far.

I'm putting this pic up because I forgot to take a solo one. Also because
I'm insecure and I met Mick Foley and I want you to be impressed.

This is a Stella skirt I rescued from a friend.
It has an elasticated waist and is still a bit
tight.  Always makes you feel good.
This is just a mess. A mess.

I love this Basque dress. It's actually a size 12, but
I'm not sure I can get away with it anymore. I've helpfully
pointed out the problem areas that show why.

You can see my bust is really too big for this top.
The navy Review skirt is actually quite shiny.
I can't get bigger because it's already too tight at
the waist. And this was the first night I'd worn it. Sigh!
Love the shoes, but again, they cut my heels to pieces.

All of these clothes have now been hung up at the back of my wardrobe rack, with everything else being shunted forward. The experiment continues!


  1. I think you should stop buying clothes that have big yellow arrows pointing at your hips.

  2. Respect for sticking with it. I know it is early days but if you don't get through them, you don't get to the end.

  3. Saw this today
    "My new favorite app tracks the amount of exercise I get with remarkable accuracy, and I don’t have to do anything but turn it on. It’s called Moves, and it logs time spent walking, cycling, and running—as long as I’ve got my smartphone with me, which I always do. It’s dead simple, requiring no manual data entry or extra strap-on gadgets to take in my movement data and display it for me in a way that’s easy to understand and analyze.

    Created by a startup called ProtoGeo, Moves is free and currently available only for the iPhone (the company plans to release an Android version but hasn’t said when). The app’s precision and power consumption need work, but I’m convinced its simplicity represents the future of self-tracking."

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