Feb 17, 2013

Clotheshorse #2

Midway through the "Wear My Wardrobe" February challenge and it's already getting tougher. I'm dragging things out, trying them on, and finding out my weight gain has made them uncomfortable or even downright unwearable.

At this stage I'll be wearing a burlap sack by the end of the month. Well, I would be, except I don't currently own a burlap sack and I'm under a self-imposed ban on buying new things. My fluffy bathrobe it is, then.

Here's another wrap-up.

I got this skirt in Cambodia. I love its bright waistband
but it's oddly tight in places. The shirt is Cue. The day I wore
this I spilled sweet chilli sauce all over it.

This is a Peter Morrissey dress. Ooh yes, fancy.
Except it's Peter Morrissey for Big W, because I'm classy.
Like all surplice necklines, it gapes on me, so you
can see I've pinned it together using a Game of Thrones
House Stark badge. Because winter is coming.

This dress cost me $25 from Coles' Mix range.
I always wear it with this brown stretch belt.
However, it's a bit tight around the thighs now.

I'm never sure if I can pull off animal-style prints.
But I do love this beige Basque skirt, and wear
it often. It was a lot looser on me when I first got it.

I got this Zara top in Hong Kong airport last September.
I didn't try it on beforehand, I just loved the neckline & owl print.
However it rucks up over my bust a bit.



  1. "Midway through the "Wear My Wardrobe" February challenge" I miss understood I thought the challenge was to wear all your clothes at the same time in Feb. Which I admit given Brisbane's pestilential weather in Feb I thought you quite mad.

    This is a much better idea. Like the House Stark Badge, or indeed any Game of Thrones Accessorizing.

  2. Thanks Barnesm!

    I was actually thinking of wearing all of my GoT badges during my recaps of the upcoming Season 3. Like, a photo a week. Because I'm a nerd.

  3. You've got a nice smile!

  4. How did you finish the month of "Wear your wardrobe"?