Apr 17, 2013

Fake Disneyland

My poor blog, how I neglect you.

I'm in a frustrating position where I want to post here more often, but find myself without the time or inspiration for an entry. Or I twist myself in knots trying to think of the wittiest possible take on a subject before abandoning the idea as ultimately fruitless or "done somewhere else, probably better".

Then when I do get some time - such as a few stolen moments on holiday in Beijing last week - the Great Firewall stopped my upload attempts.

Anyway, that's enough self-flagellation - hopefully I will get a chance over the next few days to post a few things that have been sliding their way through my brain meats.

For now, I thought you might enjoy this short film made at the Shijingshan Amusement Park in Beijing's west.

My fellow improviser Amy - who I had travelled with to attend the fourth annual Beijing Improv Festival - was keen to check out the so-called "Fake Disneyland.

And so it was that we arrived on a Monday morning to find one of the strangest places on Earth.


  1. Quite possibly the Unhappiest Place on Earth.
    Great review, now know never to go near the place. Oh, best line : "that's why they're called deer..."

  2. This is a very charming blog, you may have reinspired me to start again after a five or so year hiatus.

    Although its quite relieving being able to completely enjoy the little moments that life tosses me rather than being inside my head, trying to figure out how I can spin them into well written, humourous and not to mention witty blog post (I usually fail at all three).

    Actually changed my mind, I'll vicariously blog through interesting writers like yourself.

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