Apr 3, 2013

Raven On returns...with a twist

I was looking forward to Game of Thrones returning, not just because it is the MOST BRILLIANT SHOW EVER TRULY EVER EXCEPT MAYBE XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS WOAH CAN YOU IMAGINE IF THEY DID A GoT/XENA CROSSOVER SOMEBODY SHOULD WRITE THAT AS FAN FICTION ACTUALLY WAIT THAT'S A TERRIBLE IDEA, but because I really enjoyed writing my Raven On recaps last season.

I was sitting at work early last week pondering how good it would be to have a regular requirement to blog, as I am very aware of how derelict I have been in my recreational writing over the past few months.

Then I remembered I work for a national news organisation that might be interested in recaps. A few emails/calls later, and there it was: Raven On is going national.

I do hope fans of the recaps will keep reading over at Fairfax; I've kept the same format and the same unwieldy length.

Now that I'm an official "reviewer", I've been given previews of future episodes - they are marked and totally traceable so I won't be uploading them to the internet. They're not high def anyway, so it's not like you get the best boob-viewing experience.

I'm off to Beijing on Saturday, so I have to get a couple of recaps done in advance. But I will give you a bit of a random cryptic clue about Episode 2: the cheesy bit is the best.

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  1. Thats amazing news that you are getting advance copies of episodes to review.

    Do you have to lock out your friends while you watch them? Are you sworn to secrecy. Do you still watch the episodes you have seen when the air on Foxtel and shout misleading clues to your fellow viewers who watch with you.