Jun 14, 2013

Raven On Recap Wrap

Hello friends!

I thought it might be prudent to post some links here to my Game of Thrones Season 3 recaps, published this year on the Fairfax media sites (my own Brisbane Times, the SMH and The Age).

I wish I was artistic and clever so I could make cool fan art like this!

I was so stunned by the positive reaction that they got - to the point where I would get tweets and emails demanding to know where it was whenever it went up later than expected.

I appreciate everyone who's taken the time to read, share and comment - internet comment feeds can so often been a foul-smelling den of trolling and derp, but the Game of Thrones ones have just been delightful. Everyone's gone in with the right attitude, which is that we love this show and just want to bond over it!

S3 Episode 1

S3 Episode 2

S3 Episode 3

S3 Episode 4

S3 Episode 5

S3 Episode 6

S3 Episode 7

S3 Episode 8

S3 Episode 9

S3 Episode 10

I also wrote a piece halfway through the season about Characters We're Loving in GoT; then when there was a week's break between episodes 8 and 9, I wrote a fun piece about things you could do about filling the gaping hole in your life.

After the brutal shock of the Red Wedding, I wrote an essay on why the fan reaction was so huge.

And author John Birmingham wrote a great essay about recaps as a writing form, in which he very kindly praised my recaps!

I also want to point you to JB's new podcast, appropriately titled Spartacast, published through his Cheeseburger Gothic website.

JB invited me on to discuss Game of Thrones and the art of recapping. It was a lot of fun. Of course, I can talk Game of Thrones 'til the Cerseis come home, but there has been judicious editing to make it palatable to the ear for just the right amount of time.

JB's other partners in podcast crime are Dan & The Wah from Smart Enough to Know Better, another awesome podcast that you should subscribe to.


  1. Certainly a big fan of Raven on, and a long time listener to Smart Enough to know better, though it could do with more GC content in the episodes.

    Heading over to listen to Sparatcast ep 2 now.

  2. And then...you do a whole season recap. What do we get next week? A recap of the recaps? I'll read it! Keep writing ... about anything, really. I'll read that too.

  3. This helps bring the memories flooding back