Sep 1, 2013

White Rabbits

A public service announcement:

I'm not exactly sure when the competition to say "Pinch and a punch" first began between The Wah and I.

All I know is that I usually lose. The Wah will pop up, usually under the guise of giving me a hug, which of course suckers me in.

But then it comes: the bite of fingertips into flesh, a stinging reality bomb that is ten times worse than the friendly follow-up cuff to the shoulder.

"Pinch and a punch!"

Cue The Wah flashing an impishly smug grin while I jump up and down yelling "Not again!"

Well! I remembered this month. BOOM.


  1. The problem is that you can only get away with that once, because the whole rhyme goes...

    'Pinch and a punch for the first of the month. Can't give back 'til the end of the month.'

    Which mean the second month he gets you, you can just turn around and say "Oh, that reminds me, I owe you THIS from last month."

  2. What madness is this?! You made the second bit up.

    Even if it was true (which it isn't). She forgets... until I get her again at the start of the next month.

  3. That's what I mean. The act of initiating it again the next month is the reminder that she needs to give retribution for last month. Although searching the internet it would seen the the second line was a localised part of the tradition.