Sep 2, 2015

What happened?

I'm still around, just not here. One day I hope to change that; start doing some creative writing again.

Until then, I've got a Facebook page where you can enjoy various updates, particularly Game of Thrones-related (those recaps owe it all to this blog; poor thing, how I have neglected you).

If you like Game of Thrones and/or my recaps, my buddy Stu and I started a Raven On companion podcast for Season Five. You can go back and listen to the episodes online. It's just two GoT nerds shooting the breeze.

I still jibber-jabber on Twitter.

I write for Brisbane Times.

I'm doing a show called Speed: The Movie, The Play at the Brisbane Powerhouse from September 30 to October 17. It's the 1994 action thriller Speed, staged on an actual bus, with designer low-fi special effects. It's always hard for me to give myself credit for anything good, but damn this show is good. It's fun, silly, clever and I'm so proud of it. Come and see it.

And I'm trying to work out how I can be a better writer, blogger, creative type, friend and adult in general. All suggestions warmly accepted.

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