Sep 1, 2004

Derry Stroke Londonderry

Well, here we are in Northern Ireland. They have a kind off stand-off-ish type peace here now, thanks to the 1998 Good Friday agreement, but it's bizarre to see the Protestant and Catholic areas of this city (to be politically correct we've been referring to it as 'Londonderry/Derry' - hence the 'stroke'!), and the murals commemorating the Bloody Sunday massacre which happened here on 30th January 1972.

It's been a fun couple of days - we've just come from county Donegal, which although in the North, is actually in the South. The Republic, that is. It's bizarre - very Irish, I guess you'd say.

At the very least I've resolved to talk more with my mum about the IRA and Unionists etc. She left the south while still young, so I think she missed a lot of the really bad stuff. But coming here in person has really made me understand a bit more about the issue. Well, not really, as it's incomprehensible a lot of the time. A whole load of bloodshed for no good reason sometimes!

If this post doesn't make sense, it's because we've been at the pub for the last two nights running talking bollocks. We've got a fairly small tour group, only 16, so we're all bonding well. In fact, there's a young Polish couple on board, so last night I proceeded to bombard them with the 'My name is Bochenski and my grandad was Polish' routine. They seemed to enjoy it - hmmm, I dunno.

Tomorrow it's off God-knows-where - we end up in Belfast at some point. Best be off, as the internet is free and my turn is pretty much up!

Love to all, Nats.


  1. Hey Nats,

    Well I just created my own Bloggs so I can continue on with the adventures when we hit Italy. Of course yours is much better but I didn't have heaps of time to put into it as I am at work....The address is
    your trip is sounding fantastic and I am very jealous.
    I am sick at the moment. I have the infamous head cold which doesn't seem to want to go away. I have had it for nearly a week. I am still dragging myself to work as I have had to train all this week (well in between blowing my nose).
    Nothing doin' here. Carls and I just talking over email. Pooks was attacked by another dog and Oscar is now 11.1kgs. Yes our lives revolve around our dogs. Mark is away so Oscar and I are living it up making a mess. Business idea is coming along nicely and must do crappy tax tonight. See what you don't have to worry about when you travel..
    BTW - Tell Jax I am emailing her about the whole 'you can't stay with me thing'. She just sent a bloody email to everyone inviting everyone to stay. It appears nearly the whole world is staying with her but me.. :)
    Anyway, am extra grumpy today. Weight watchers will be a definate when you get home and I get home because I am pigging out on chocolates this morning.
    Only 26 days and I am on holidays. This time next month I will be in New Zealand for the first stop of our trip (send one is Brisbane, third is Singapore...go figure).

    Love you both lots. Big, sloppy kiss from Oscar


  2. I thought I posted a comment. Where is it?

  3. What tour are you guys on this time, the Shamrocker again?

    My boyfriend and I are trying a "Tir Na Nog" tour in a couple of weeks - a ten-day north-and-south trip. I really hope it is even half as good as our Shamrocker last year!

  4. oops - I am new to Blogger - the post from "abigail knits" is really from me (abigail, duh), the american you met in ireland and saw again in rome.... :)

  5. Glad ur enjoying Paisley (Ian that is) country - never made it to those parts as the IRA kept an eye on us from the Sleeve Blooms. Mollie has taken over ur rm and hate to tell u the old telly gave out. At this stage trying to get Dad to learn the waltz for our Danube cruise in Oct - we're mad - but u already know that. Just reading Sims assnmt - he got tops for his o/h presentation. No idea if this is posted. Take care. Love mum.

  6. OI...