Sep 3, 2004


Well, here we are, back in Dublin after our Shamrocker tour. We had to say goodbye to our driver Patricia (who we had last time and who accidently knocked a drunk woman as we drive back down Dublin's main street!) and our lovable rogue-ish guide John, who was just so gosh-darn cute! Told dreat dirty jokes and Irish legends, and like any good Irishman was always up for the craic.

Anyway, we've just been spending today here wandering around leisurely after a jam-packed tour of the North. I don't have much time left on this computer, so I might leave a lot of Northern Ireland stuff until I have more time. But safe to say, it's a gorgeous country, shame about the violence. It's really quite awful the extent of the conflict between Prostestants and Catholics, between Unionists and Republicans.

Yesterday (Thursday) we began with a Black Taxi tour of Belfast, where a mix of Catholic and Protestant guides took us around the black spots. We saw one of the 29 'peace walls' around the city, which divide the areas into Catholic and Protestant. The only thing I've seen that came close was the leftover bits of the Berlin Wall - and they managed to knock that down 15 years ago!

It really was insane and sad - and just to think of kids growing up surrounded by so much hate and violence. Hopefully with the peace agreement things will continue to get better. However on Wednesday night a bloke was shot in Belfast (he survived) and a bomb was defused in Dublin last night. Mad splinter groups are still causing a few problems, so who knows how it will go?

Anyway, we fly tomorrow to Heathrow and to Jackie's for a few days.

Now I just have a few comments about the posting, so things might be a bit clearer!

Mum and Dad: Thanks for your posts - you don't need to have a set name to post as you've no doubt realised!

Alisha: Well done! I'll link your blog to mine when I find out how!!!! But remember everyone can read your posts!

Abigail: Sorry I haven't replied to you! Didn't mean to be rude. Let me know what your schedule is and we can try to meet up!!!

Simon: I've already bought you some SHIT, but am looking for more SHIT for you cupboard!

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